Monday, June 27, 2011

Pictured is Robert, the new hire on board, who is just as green as grass.
Here he is leaning on the rail, looking at the port of Houston, TX
as we were heading for the dock.

Robert is a California born and bred, raised closer to the vineyards of Nappa
than the muscle beaches of the south.
But, he basically hasn't traveled much, so a trip to Houston TX
while mundane to some, was pretty darn interesting for him.


I had air conditioner problems on the boat again today.
So down to the engine room I went to gather the tools I would need
to work on our system, which is outside and 5 story's up.
On the 3rd level, I detoured into my room, to pick up my camera.
I knew I would be needing it.

I wasn't as focused on the air conditioner as I should have been.


bon bon said...

feeling a bit threatened here? ;o)

Karen said...

ooh, very cool shots!....

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great shots....I can see how easily the distractions can be.

beth said...

GREAT pelican !!!

Seven Gates Farm said...

Does Robert know heis blog material? That bird looks a little bit close!! Debi

Zorana said...

Pelicans! My favorite birds! And you captured them the way I always wanted to, but really never could. Amazing! Good luck with the AC, and HI to Robert... I'm going back to stare at the pelicans some more.

dcpeg said...

Great pelican shots! Don'tcha just love the way they dive at fullspeed, head first? Watching them just makes me giggle.

Joey said...

Eeekkkkk! Close!!!!!

Jerral Miles said...

Take care of Robert. A California boy from Napa... far from home... needs caring for. You're the man for the job.

Marilyn said...

What a great shot of the pelican!