Friday, June 24, 2011

Since we've been anchored for about 2 weeks, we requested a barge to come
and supply us with the fuel and water we needed, as well as take away our trash.

A launch was also requested so the deckhand could go shopping for us.
We've been whinning for a week that we were getting low on food.
That's not really the case.

Our cookie cabinet was empty, which means, we are low on food.
Mr. Blogger had me upset yesterday.
I spent time uploading about 6 photos, wrote a nice story to go with them,
and for some reason, before I could publish the post
that baby up and left me. Gone. I have no idea.
I miss the NBA playoffs.
I feel I was a better crew member when I had Lebron to kick around.
If I were to tweet him, I'd say,
When we were low on food on the boat here,
I made a cake every day for 5 days.
And every time, the next day, it was gone.
We averaged a cake a day.
That can't be healthy, can it.
One thing I do like about Blogger, is the tracking tool they have,
where you can see who has visited your blog, how they found you and what time it was when they looked, and where they are located.


Karen said...

That site meter thing is pretty cool, isn't it?

So, are they calling you the Cake Boss now? :-)

I have never had a post disappear on blogger before... as you know, sometimes alot of time is spent on those posts, that had to be frustrating.

slommler said...

Hope your larder is filled with copious amounts of cookies...soon! Sounds like a definite case of withdrawal!! And it is ship wide?!!!! Oh dear...almost an emergency!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

A cake a day.....damn that's my kind of day! I like the site meter also when people come to your blog via Google and what they googled to get there cracks me up. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jerral Miles said...

I'm pretty sure somebody should let Homeland Security know about your cookie cabinet being empty. Let me know if I can help.

Seven Gates Farm said...

We would like to see pics of you baking that cake. That would be a pretty interesting post. A post disappearing .ummmm, not sure about that one. They say the computer is only as good as the person working it, but a few have had problems with blogger lately. Hope the cookies arrive soon.