Thursday, June 9, 2011

This business of pet ownership is quite the roller coaster ride.
It usually goes like this.
You buy or rescue an animal. We'll call this one a cat.

You rescue the cat at a young age, spend years doing whatever it is you like doing with a cat, and then the inevitable happens.
After years of enjoyment, the cat dies or has to be put down.
It's a terrible time. It's almost like payback for all those years of loyal companionship.

You realize when you buy the cat, that at some point a few years down the road, you will be digging a hole in the back of your property and you will feel just awful for a period of time.
But you figure the years of enjoyment will out weigh the period of sadness.

That's why it's so unfair and heartbreaking, when my daughter and her soon to be husband go out and rescue 2 cute little kittens from a farm, and moves them into their new apartment, only to have one get an infection that her little body can't fight.

After days of running to the vet, hoping against hope that a miracle would happen saving the little kitty, it was determined that nothing could be done.

I heard my wife talking with her on the phone, and when she said, "would you like to bring her here after the vet?", (when she was put down) I headed out to the back yard to prepare to bury her.

My daughter and her fiance soon arrived, carrying this poor little thing, wrapped in a blanket.
Her name was Sadie.
My daughter only had her for a few weeks.
This rescue didn't work.
She didn't have the years of enjoyment with her to buffer the pain on a day like this.
It was an exceptionally sad day.

I wondered to myself if this experience would change her, maybe she'll never want to go through this again. No more pets for Bryn I assumed.

I was wrong.
A week or so later,
she went out and picked out another kitty to bring to her home.

She has a big heart, even though it was broken just recently.
Pet ownership is quite the roller coaster.


Joey said...

...and the cycle of life continues.

beth said...

oh mark....
she does have a big heart.....

i believe that pet owners, of any kind, have hearts the size that amaze scientists....and when they are broken, those big hearts, it creates a valley where new and untainted love grows.....hence another kitty :)

Jerral Miles said...

I hope the guy who is marrying our daughter knows what a prize he's getting. Her willingness to take in strays... and love them... shows what a heart she has.