Thursday, July 28, 2011

Again I sit here at anchor, but not on my regular boat.
It seems the regular engineer on here has a "record" of some sort, and I don't mean a music record.
This boat might be going to Canada for a trip.
Canada won't let said engineer across their border, so here I am, temporarily I hope.
I wonder what the fellon (as I like to call him) did?
Did he tell an off color French joke?
I don't know the details, but the authorities are adamant.

The crew is nice enough, but it's just not the same as sailing, working and living with the crew on my regular boat, that I have spent over 2 years with.
You get to know your crew mates like family.
For instance, you find out who likes corn dogs and who hates relish.
I know one particular guy washes one set of cloths each and every day. Kinda stupid I think, b what he does.
The mate won't do his laundry until every last stitch he has is in the dirty laundry bag, then he tries to stuff 2 weeks worth of cloths into the washing machine all at once.
Mike likes his coffee strong, the Captain likes flavored coffee.

Just like a family member, you just know.

On this boat everyone is nice. The Captain has let it be known, that I should treat this boat like my regular boat. He has good intentions, but I'm still the visitor.

It's like when a friend gives you their beach house for the weekend. They say, make yourself at home. But when you arrive, there are framed pictures of their family members everywhere.
Used toothpaste tubes under the sink, a reminder that the owner was here not too long ago.
There's beer in the fridge, but it's light beer, another reminder I'm in someone elses house.
I can never get comfortable borrowing a beach house. I sit in one chair and I'm afraid to touch anything.

It's similar on a boat. The regular chief has his ways, evidence is everywhere. I live out of my suitcase, because the lockers in my room are full of the "felons" cloths, another reminder he will be back someday.

Anyway, it's the same anchorage I've been to on my regular boat, with the same beautiful sky.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Amazing picture....makes you appreciate your family a bit more uh. I hope they have good cookies on this boat or it could make for a long trip to Canada!

missing moments said...

So now what you mean about being your own boat ... we used to have a 26' sailboat ... loved it but sold when moved to Philly 6 years ago ... I'll have another one someday ... in the meantime, other boats just aren't the same!

Jerral Miles said...

The writing here is very good... The phrase is "economy of words." In an almost indirect way, you give us a complete picture of everything and everybody, even the sky.

beth said...

there's really nothing better then family....even if it's a surrogate family....

Anonymous said...

this is great. see you....!