Wednesday, July 27, 2011


John Boehner....go to your quiet chair and take a time out.
Mr. President, you too. Take a time out!
Both of you just sit there and don't make a sound. Think about what you are doing.
If you can be quiet for 5 minutes, I'll let you speak again with your "inside voices" only.
And John, STOP CRYING! Your killing me.

This nauseating reckless game you're playing must stop now.
We're dangerously close to making our last minimum payment before the bank takes the house, and all the politicians can do is worry about who is going to be the next President.

We need a change. No more Democrats and no more Republicans, instead the SHARKS and the JETS. No more us against them.
We need to work TOGETHER.

I want to go to the Senate floor and tell everyone to stand up.
I will then play "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga over the sound system, at which point all the stubborn Sharks and Jets will start running this way and that on the Senate floor, while frantically waving their arms over their heads like their britches are on fire.
When I stop the music all the reckless irresponsible people who we put in office, will take a seat, no matter which side of the isle they happen to be on.

Then they can get to work saving our Country and my retirement fund.

If the V.P. Joe Biden happens to be visiting the Senate the day I play musical chairs, he does not have to participate in the frantic arm waving.
He can just sit there and look cool, like only Joe can.


SueAnn said...

Well I don't think he ever looked cool!! Ha!
But the rest of what you have shared is okay with me. Let's do it!
Someone has to do something...this is beyond ridiculous!!
All they care about is the power they can wield and the next election. If any of them think they are going to get any votes...they have another thing coming.

Joey said...

I'm sorry but - what a buncha a-holes...

Donna said...

OMG - Mark, you speak for SO many of us!!
Right there with ya, pal!
From your lips to Gods ear - as my Granny used to say.

Karen said...

What can I add? Perfect.

nacherluver said...

Yup. Spot on. Wouldn't it be great if "we the people" actually had a voice and were actually heard for once? Wouldn't it be a f&#$ing miracle if the politicians stopped the bullshit power struggle and actually gave a shit about what's best for US???? Ugh! I really try not to think about it as it makes me feel like a small child who's parents constantly fight. I just want to run away.
Love what you said about Joe. Yup. He's a pretty cool dude! I can see him chillaxin' at the big house.

nacherluver said...

Ooops! I meant big White house!


Cait Throop said...

OMG I'm with you on this one!!! Absolutely!

Joycee said...

Boy, do I agree with you on this post. They all need to be put in the corner for time outs. I'd like to put most of them back home without jobs if I tell the truth...