Friday, July 8, 2011

An Observation

It's not unusual for us to shop at the local Amish farm.
One thing always stands out.
The hands.

The guy behind the counter
could be 18 or 50.
It doesn't matter.

The hands attached to the arms
of the local seller
look like they have been chiseled from granite.

Those hands make a bricklayer's
hands look soft.

It's no surprise,
since they are probably the hardest working
group of people on earth.

The previous statement is not the result
of a government study.
Just my observation.

Check it out next time
you have the pleasure to interact
with your local Amish.

Hands of stone I tell you.


beth said...

i promise i will the next time i'm at the market :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

There is an Amish farmer at the Farmer's Market in my tiny village...I'm looking tomorrow! I don't doubt what you are saying but i'm still gonna peak! Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen said...

We are nowhere near Amish country, but plan to make a trip, as their craftsmanship is world reknown!... I'll remember to look...

Joey said...

I love a good hand! But I was thinking I might be reading your take on Casey Anthony! Come on Mark - Humor me!

lilabraga said...

I hve seen and also photographed hands like these many times...they are so real and so beautiful to me!

Marilyn said...

Now I just need to find an Amish community. Don't think there are any around here, but the next time I go east I will check this out.