Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm fascinated for some strange reason
about what people eat.

My Dad used to eat "goody" for a snack.
White bread soaked in a bowl of milk
and covered with sugar.
I always thought "goody" was a pet name
he gave this particular snack.
It wasn't until I was reading a book with the subject matter
being Ireland
that I learned that this was an actual dish the Irish ate.
No wonder "my people" drink so much.

When I came on this boat
I noticed the cereal selection was healthy,
cereals with almonds and stuff like that.
Not one Frosted Flake box to be found.

It turns out, the selection I was looking at
was the left overs from the last crew.
That all changed when we got a chance to go shopping.

I couldn't wait to find out
who wanted to be crunch-a tized.
It turns out Carl is the man.

Have you ever seen the show "The Deadliest Catch?"
Well Carl is a real life Deadliest Catcher.
His career on a tug boat is in it's infancy
as he spent the better part of his adult life
braving the elements in the waters off Alaska
in search of king crab.
He'd still be there if the Exxon Valdez spill
didn't ruin his livelihood as well as hundreds of other fisherman.

When I asked him what he thought of the show
The Deadliest Catch, he disgustedly said,
"Oh those rookies..."

It's a fact that commercial fisherman
is the most dangerous industry there is anywhere.
Carl tells me stories that keep me awake at night.
But when I see Carl chowing down on a big sugary bowl
of Captain Crunch before he goes to bed,
I usually say something like
"Oh, is Mr. Deadliest Catch eating some Captain Crunch
before he goes nighty night?"

Then I run to my


Jerral Miles said...

What is they say? "You eat what you are!" Maybe it's true... but your Carl sounds like somebody who has eaten some pretty tough stuff. Good writing, but the way.

Janney said...


Formerly known as Frau said...

I grew up eating sugar on white bread my Irish Mother prepared!! No milk on in though!
We watch that show and I can't imagine it being worse in real life. Too funny about Carl I'm guessing you are a faster runner! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Poor Carl... so abused.. LOL

Karen said...

What, no crunchberries?? One of my favorites. Besides frootloops.

I give your friend the king crab fisherman HUGE credit.. I couldn't stomach the very first day aboard their ships. It's unreal, the conditions they work in. You have to be more than brave.. maybe a little crazy to stick it out.

Joycee said...

Funny...hope you can run fast! We are old people who eat Fiber One, plain Cherrios and Special K, but when the grandkids come I buy the little pack of sweet cereals and when they leave (don't tell anyone) I scarf down the little boxes enjoying the sugar rush!

Janie said...

Haha! Very funny...I never had sugar on bread (no Irish in the family) But did grow up having sugar cinnamon on buttered toast...(English?)

Your venture sounds very exciting..

I grew up spending weeks on my grandfathers home build 30' sailboat (Tahitian Ketch) Clytie

missing moments said...

LOL ... very funny.
Actually, my grandfather also prepared a late night snack the same way, bread, sugar and milk ... sometimes in a bowl, sometimes the bread tore up in pieces in a glass. sometimes toasted. Never had it myself. But definitely, a poor man's snack.

bon bon said...

wow. you just brought back a memory i hadn't thought about in years. mom would make us toast, sprinkled with brown sugar and covered with warm milk, when we were sick in bed. i don't recall it having a name though. plus, my roots are german and norwegian. i'm guessing we stole the idea and altered it.

kind of wishing i had some white bread in the house right now... ;o)

Debb said...

Oh, my goodness... as kids my sisters and brothers and I ate white bread with milk and sugar... I always thought it was because we were poor... now, I realize we must have some Irish in our family genes... thanks for the memory.