Friday, September 9, 2011

A shadow, a Movie and a rant

I am shamelessly promoting my brother's new movie and "4 Maples Productions" his new Movie Production Company. Please check them out and support yet another starving artist, emotionally I mean, not monetarily.
If you click on the link above, that will take you to the "4Maples" FB page. If you scroll down that page you will see the movie trailer for his first movie which open in Philadelphia in a few weeks. The name 4Maples, is a takeoff of what my Dad used to call our house when we were growing up. Yep, he named our house. We had a maple tree in our front yard that actually had 4 trunks that were growing together. Our maple tree is actually 4 trees in one. Hence, 4Maples.

You know how those big lavish estates have a name, like "Rolling Hills" or "Sunset Estate?"
Jackie Kennedy had a name for her childhood home called "Hammersmith Farm."
Well, my Dad figured, what the heck, we're the 4Maples.

The only difference between those big lavish estates and 4Maples was, we weren't big or lavish, just a comfortable split level house in a working class neighborhood outside of Philadelphia.
But we had a name, and now my brother does for his movie company.

I'm sure there is a smoother, much better way for me to link that trailer for my blog friends to see, but I just can't figure out how to do it, for which I will surely hear about it from my brother.

On a much less festive note;

After listening to the remarks on TV of all the people from all walks of life, once again giving their negative opinion after Obama's speech last night, I have concluded that nothing has changed. Why would I think differently?

Let me be clear when I say I am really glad that we still live in a country where we, it's citizens, can voice our opinions in public without fear of being targets of a well oiled AK-47 rifle.
That being said, give the guy a break. Just throw him a little bone.
He could come out and give his speech in Greek, and the Republicans and half of America would disagree whole heartedly with everything he just said.
He could mime the speech and people would be pissed.

Anyway, because of the juggernaut that is the Republican spin machine and the yahoos in the Tea Party, it is quite possible that a person of Republican descent or a Celestial Seasonings Tea lover, will occupy the Oval Office after the next election.

If that happens, I expect this crisis our country is in to be all gone in say, 6 months or so.
They've been talking a good game. Remember when the biggest political talking point was gun control?
Well, my "Quiet Time" drinking friends, the stakes are raised now.

Be careful what you wish for.


Anita Bower said...

I just wish he had been bolder. Not sure his proposals are enough.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love the name of your childhood home and brothers production company...I think all homes should have a name!

Rome wasn't built in a day....It takes a while to fix what the last President did and I agree the next one better get the job done quickly as it's followers believe it can be done ASAP!

Last election we were in Germany and missed everything, yes I could follow online but it was so nice and maybe somewhat ignorant but I stand behind my vote.

ain't for city gals said...

From day one I think his problem is TOO many speeches..actions speak louder than words...this problem of jobs has been going on for a long time...way before Bush...more like 1990 when Clinton was in office when they started shipping all the jobs no one wants to do anything that resembles work..definitely not manual labor.

Dan Kent said...

You are I are not really in the same place politically but I had to laugh out loud at the image of the President of the United States giving a speech in Greek and half of the country nodding yes, satisfied, scratching their chins; and the other half shaking their fists and railing against it; and not a one of them understanding a word of it. Except of course for the mystified Greeks and we know the mess they are in. I think that pretty much sums up the political situation in the US today, don't you?

Debi@7Gates said...

I listened to the whole speech. As a retailer, it is very difficult out here. I try not to get politically involved or voice too much. But come on people ..... it's very hard to add people to your payroll when no one comes into the malls. People are still too scared to spend. We just don't know about tomorrow. Small companies, small clinics are being taken over by corporate America. We don't where we will be financially in our retired years. Our American journalists always paint a bleak picture to us. I don't know the solution and I know I'm rambling, but I think I'm more frustrated than ever.