Saturday, September 10, 2011

The human mind really is a strange thing sometimes.
Both complex and confusing.

Recently out boat spent 3 or 4 days tied up to a dock in Texas.
Pictured below is one of our deckhands, Mike,
a hard working self starter if there ever was one.

When we're not actively docking the boat or making up to the barge
Mikes job is basically to chip and paint. It's a never ending job.

After a few days we received word that we would be leaving the dock
and traveling just a short distance to a ship anchorage
where we would again stay for a few days.
When Mike heard we were leaving the dock, he exclaimed,
"Man, I'll sure be glad to get out of here."

I thought to myself, why?
Mike will do the same thing tomorrow that he did yesterday, which is
chip and paint.

Now we're at the anchorage and Mike is painting.
I hear we'll be leaving in a few days.
I bet Mike's ready "to get out of here" too.

I wasn't as productive as Mike today,
but I did make a cake!

Noooo, not from scratch.

On a unrelated note,
The White House Team has a position titled "Director of Digital Strategy".
I swear.

He deals with the White House website, Facebook, Twitter and who knows what else.

Macon Phillips holds that position presently.
See Mrs Phillips, all those hours as a kid in front of the TV playing Nintendo really payed off.


SueAnn said...

Now this I didn't know!! Ha!

Formerly known as Frau said...

shhh don't let on to the future of America that we parents are wrong. Cake looks yummy...someones Birthday or just because?

Marilyn said...

Now if I stop by will you make a cake like that with sprinkles and all? Was this for Mike to thank him for all the chipping and painting? What do you do when you are just sitting there waiting? Just bake cakes?