Thursday, September 8, 2011

We pulled away from the BP refinery in Texas with a fully loaded barge, just moments after I listened
to part of President Obama's speech to Congress, where he talked about closing
the loopholes Big Oil takes advantage of.
I couldn't listen to the whole Address because I had to go prepare to leave the dock. ( work is so irritating sometimes.)

I hope it works this time, the loophole closing thing that is.
He's seems passionate about it.
I thought he was going to start dropping the F-bomb , he seemed so fired up and fed up
with today's politics in DC.
But I'm so jaded these days, I am afraid his speech was all about him getting re-elected, and there will be more of the same bickering come tomorrow.

The subject matter of his Address was the "American Jobs Act" he is sending to congress
and he expects them (Congress) to sign this bill, "right away."
He said "right away" about 10 times in the 1st five minutes.
His tone of voice reminded me of my Mom, telling me as a youngster to clean
my room, "right away."

I hope they obey, like I did.

A few notes:
John Boehner, the Republican leader who sits behind and to the Presidents left as he speaks, well, he just makes me uncomfortable. He wasn't even speaking. Just looking at him makes me nervous. It looked like he was fighting back tears the whole night. It's just strange.
They need to come up with a different camera angle next time.

Maybe they should schedule the next speech to Congress about 3:30 in the afternoon.
Maybe all those old grey haired guys who were nodding off....wouldn't.
This 8PM starting time is just too late for some of those old boys.


SueAnn said...

I am jaded too! I figure it will deteriorate today when they start their bickering!! Sigh!
8PM is way too late!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I want to believe they will obey just has we all did what we were told. I just wish they would work together for the good of our country. I know it's a pipe dream!

Have a wonderful weekend!

ain't for city gals said...

I listened to it as a self-employed builder. Most of our friends are very hard working self-employed in the building business. Believe me tax credits are the LAST thing on our minds...we are just trying to hang on for dear life to what we have. Luckily we have never depended on the government or credit for anything and that has been our saving grace. The people need to realize and accept the government is never going to anything to help them.

dcpeg said...

Your photo is a real stunner!

As for Congressional old fogies, it was only 7 p.m. here, in D.C., so that doesn't say much for their stamina!

Boehner has been such a jerk the last few days. He creeps me, too.

Vicky said...

I came over for the photo to say its a real stunner, but sigh... have to admit being disenchanted with the hollow sound of all the right words, but little bearing on what eventually comes to fruition. You know I will now pay extra attention to Boehner just to see for myself!

Jerral Miles said...

Mark, the photograph is stunning... Thanks for it... and for the text. The writing, as always, is right to the point... very insightful and well done.