Thursday, November 24, 2011

We had crew change today so I flew to New Orleans this morning.
It's Thanksgiving Day, so I was curious to see what the airports would be like on such a big Holiday. Here's what I learned.

First, the lack of traffic on the roads to the airport was quite noticeable which was very cool.

Generally speaking, the people traffic at the airports was down quite a bit,
not so many people milling around the concourse which meant the line at the coffee shop was quite tolerable and the men's room was almost empty. One goes with the other.

My plane was packed to the gills, which tells me the airlines cut back
on the number of flights.
The ratio of children to adults was much higher for obvious reasons, which scared me, but my flight was uneventful as far as those little antsy, screaming passengers go. Everyone must have been on their best behavior.

The boat was heading up the Mississippi River so our crew took a pilot boat out to the tug and hopped on as the tug just kept on going, never missing a beat.
Let me get back to the message at hand. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, as we all know.
I have proof that this is indeed the case.

On my desk at home is a framed note my Dad wrote to my Mom many years ago.
My sister shared this with me when we were doing the old, cleaning out of the parents house.
I really liked it, so I framed it.

Pretty cool, wouldn't you agree?


Anonymous said...

The note made me smile. I hope you have made a copy of it somewhere and are keeping it in a firebox... you know, just in case, because it is too perfect to ever lose.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

What a beautiful note. Such a small gesture at the time becomes such a memorable keepsake years later. So so sweet. I really miss my dad this time of year.

Vicky said...

Yep- the way your Dad wrote Dad looks entirely familiar... if I put my Dad's "chicken scratch" up to your Dad's it would be pretty darn near the same :) I have a box of letters my dad wrote home when he was in the service. I love reading them. You have an absolute treasure in that note :)

Karen said...

Extremely cool. What a lovely gesture, and it's now cherished by his children.

Janney said...

That's lovely :)

dcpeg said...

Your Mom was clearly moved by the brief very sweet note from her husband. I love that she kept it all those years and her kids were able to get an insight into how much your parents loved each other.

SueAnn said...

Very cool!!
Glad you keep and display the note!