Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Put a bunch of guys together for a long period of time and they gossip like a ladies sewing circle.
I know. I can say, "guess what I saw.." and 2 hours later every crew member on the boat and the barge "knows what Mark saw."

I'm sure a college football program is no different. Two dozen coaches who spend hours and hours and years and years together are probably quite skilled in the art of gossip.
Which brings me back to Penn State and those nasty child abuse issues.
They made the news again today.

First, I need to make a correction. I like to admit it when I'm wrong. In a previous post I believe I stated that assistant coach Sandusky was charged with 41 counts of child sex abuse. I stand corrected. IT IS 51!

So, I find it very hard to believe that this juicy bit of gossip, which went on for years, concerning a Penn State football coach and young boys wasn't talked about between some coaches in hushed tones behind closed doors. Many people knew and did nothing.

The Penn State president who was in office while Sandusky patrolled the showers has resigned.
The new president, who has been in that position for 2 months, stated today that he will be stepping down as soon as his contract runs out. Chicken.
Joe Paterno, Penn State's sainted one has been fired in disgrace because of his non action concerning a 10 year old boy being raped by one of his assistant coaches.

Joe Paterno's son, himself a quarterback coach on this non dream team, was fired today. His dreams of following Dad's footsteps and becoming another icon on campus for years to come are over. I think maybe the dogged investigation is nipping at his heels.

The general feeling from everyone I talk to is the same when discussing the goings on at PU. Most people are angry and almost everyone is disgusted. Many are both. Except for many students who seem to be in some kind of denial. I think it may be the cool aid they're being given.
Having lived across the State from where Penn State is located, I'm far enough away not to have been inundated on a daily basis with everything Penn State, but close enough to realize there's a strange vibe up there in those mountains. I can tell you this, it's a unique place. The hair on the back of my neck stands up when I hear the words "Happy Valley" and see these devoted zealots pontificating about Penn State and how they "do it the right way." Hey, you had a child rapist on the campus for years, WAKE UP.

This strange loyalty seeps out from the gates of the campus into the general population in the area. By "the area" I mean anyplace in Pennsylvania that had a story about Penn State or Joe Paterno as the lead story on every local news channel, even before they were famous for housing a child molester.

I was recently at a gathering in which the folks in attendance live in "the area" and naturally the subject of Penn State child abuse problems was brought up. It's funny, these intelligent adults look normal with no outward sign of sickness. No red blotches on their skin. I can only assume that the coolaid the kids are drinking on campus is also sold in the local stores of "the area," because some comments were made suggesting Mike Mcqueary, the assistant coach who saw Sandusky raping a 10 year old boy, did enough by telling his daddy instead of the cops.

I beg to differ.

The saga continues.


SueAnn said...

Yes it does continue! And fingers are still pointing all will forgetting that most of those fingers are aimed at themselves!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Unbelievable seems so open and shut....wrong is wrong no matter how many ways you look at it! How any of them are sleeping at night is beyond me.

Jerral Miles said...

The Penn State scandal probably will fade from public consciousness as other child abuse cases, even news about mothers or fathers who murder their children, reach through TV news... I live in California where we apparently are getting ready to cut another five billion dollars from the state education budget. Most of the cuts, of course, will hit poorest families hardest. While I abhor the idea of sexual abuse of anybody, especially children, I am distressed about the steady weakening of the education system that to a large extent gave us Americans the good life. Thanks, Mark, for your steady drumbeat.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the voices that does not agree with everything you say on this. How do you fire someone on the fringes of this event BEFORE the culprit has been convicted? The whole mess was handled horribly. Scapegoat comes to my mind.

Karen said...

I cannot believe that in this day and age, the behavior was not reported, the acts continued... again and again and again, at an instution of education and higher athletics. Horsing around??? HORSES don't behave in such a way. A*ses do, apparently.

In other news.. Casey Anthony has a new look and some viral videos. No mention of her daughter in them, ofcourse.

Joey said...

It's ABSURD! Don't get me started Mark! Oh wait - you just said it all for me! Makes me want to throw up. ALl of them are just out of their freaking minds. Not to get anyone "started" or get away from the subject, but I know some republicans that "think" in a similar manner about other issues. It's INSANE. Thanks for putting it out there.

PS - Although I'm a dem., I have voted republican so I'm not like those I speak of who would NEVER vote for a democrat, EVER. That makes me feel it's ok to say that.