Monday, April 23, 2012

So, I'm filling in for a week on this "other" boat.

This picture above
is a good way to explain how cold
I have been since I joined this new boat,
visiting for just a week.

I do believe the duct work from the A.C.
begins and ends in my room.
I'm in Texas, it's 85 degrees outside during the day
and you could hang meat in my room.
I had what I thought was
a great idea, a mind blower,
and idea that would change how we
as a people.

It's a takeoff of the business card.
Business cards are quite handy,
they provide the information required for
someone to connect with you in a business sense.

How many times do you ask for
or give someone your email address?
Many times these days.
So there you are, fumbling for a scrap of paper
and a broken pencil
so you can awkwardly scribble down the address.

Then you have to remember
where you put that little piece of paper the next day.
Often it ends up in the wash.

Fear not friends.
I have a solution.
We all should get "business cards"
but they're not really business cards
they're just cards with the information like email addresses
phone numbers, even home address if you like.

We call them "connect" cards.
It has a nice ring to it
it flows off the tongue easier than saying business card.

Walking down the street you see someone you know.
You don't really want to spend a lot of time chatting with
this particular person
so it goes like this.
"Hey man, how's it going? Sorry, gotta run,
but give me your connect card and I'll be in touch."
The two people exchange cards and off they go.

Anyway, I was explaining my great idea
to my daughter and her boy friend not long ago in great detail.
They sat silently as I went on and on.

When I was finished my daughter said,
"So Dad, I take it you haven't heard of the bump?"
I hadn't.

It seems, if you have a IPhone
you can walk up to another person with a IPhone
and "bump" the 2 phones together
and your phone number magically goes from one phone
to the other.

That just isn't fair.


Karen said...

I have an iphone. I have never heard of The Bump. Holy crow.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Same as Karen I have an iphone and I'm clueless.....probably an app of some kind! Great idea....I do remember many years ago I met another parent in car pool lane hangout..aka the pit...met the child also in which this ten year old handed me her "card" with all the info struck me as so odd. Of coarse this was some 5 years ago and oh have things changed!

beth said...

don't feel bad....i'm with karen. i have an iPhone and have never heard of this....but if it works that is soooo cool !!

i have business cards with all my information including email i guess i've been connecting for a long time now the old fashioned way :)

missing moments said...

I have heard that the iPhones do "talk" to each other. But hubby has the iPhone, I have the Droid and neither the two shall meet! But I have made a business card just as you have described ... email, website, name, etc. Great idea!

dcpeg said...

Like your new fangled calling card idea. Butlers will no longer be required with their little silver salvers to deliver them.

Tamra Lynn said...

I am still a big fan of business cards, but love how you can just 'bump' a phone. I wonder what technology will do next!

imquilternity said...

I don't have an iphone, but my old Palm Tungsten E was able to do that. That's old technology since my Palm was introduced in 2003. But it was never called the "bump". :)