Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This isn't Tiger's wallet

The price of everything is going up. Food, gas, tickets to a game and a dinner out with my better half.
This was never so apparent than when I recently went shopping for a putter. You know, a little flat bladed golf club where you tap a little white ball into a hole.

Before I continue, let me give you a little history. I have golfed since I was a little kid. My Aunt Jane used to drop my cousin Drew and I off in the morning at the local 9 hole course and pick us up around dinner time. Lunch was whatever was in the vending machine.
I used clubs I borrowed from someone. Didn't own any. As I got older, I still played, but sparingly, getting out maybe 10 times a year. Again, I didn't own clubs. I think I used my brothers hand me downs for a while, then I had a mix and match set that included a few old clubs from this guy and a few old clubs from that guy.

I was in my late 30's before I bought a new set for myself. They weren't anything close to what you would call nice, but what the heck, I sucked anyway, so what's the difference?

Well, they soon rusted out and the grips dry rotted from lack of use. My point here is, I'm not a big golf club purchaser, decades go by between each purchase. I'm really out of touch with the market today.

A few weeks ago, my 2 brothers and I were going out to hit a few balls into the water and the trees. I thought to myself, I'm going to buy myself a new putter. Like that will make a difference in my game.
The one I have looks a little dated, like maybe Bobby Jones used it during the depression. So, I go up to this barrel of clubs in the club house and pick up a putter to check it out. It's all modern looking and shining, that's good enough for me. If I look good holding it, I should buy it.

I don't have my glasses on but I struggle to look at the little tag on the shaft. I make out a 1 and a 5 and something else I couldn't quite make out because my arms weren't long enough. I immediately think this little putter is about $15. No problem, I'm all in, until I get out my glasses to confirm the price...$150.00?? For one club? For a little putter? I mean, you don't even get to swing a putter hard, you just tap the ball. I could not believe what I was seeing.

When I mentioned this to a friend who was playing with us, he said, "#150? That's cheap."
I thought he was kidding, until I did a little research and learned that I could spend easily, if I wanted to, 2-3-4 hundred bucks for a stinkin little putter. I couldn't have been more surprised.
I swear I must have been living in a time warp.

I was pricing drivers on line tonight. Hell, I'd have to sell one of my cars to get a Big Birtha whatever driver. I also priced full sets of clubs. Sorry, I just don't get it. I'm quite sure if I used a top of the line set of clubs, I wouldn't shoot a lower score but quite possible would succeed in hitting the ball deeper into the trees.

I play a dozen times a year on a good year. I'm not taking a mortgage out to get a new shiny set of clubs, no matter how good I look holding them.
As we speak I have a bid in on Ebay, for a full set of irons. The manufacturer isn't known, but there is a insignia of a vodka company on the clubs. Now we're talking.

Opening bid: $21



SueAnn said...

Now that is a price I could live with too! Thank God for Ebay!! Woot!!
Yes the price of clubs can make you ill and broke all at the same time. Welcome to 2012!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Yikes I'm not a golfer...and at those prices I'm happy my hubby isn't either...once my Dad gave my hubby an extra set he hubby used them once and after awhile my dad took them back...I thought wow Indian giver...but now I get it it's like gold baby!

beth said...

you make me laugh out loud !!
and now do you want to hate my husband ?
he used to be a big time golfer and now like you, doesn't get on a course as often as he would like.
{actually only a few times last year due to back issues}

but clubs. oh lord, we have clubs. he worked for wilson sporting goods for 3 years {15 years ago} when we lived in chicago.
did i mention....he has clubs. multiples of everything and even gave away numerous clubs to other family members.
oh and bags....he has bags, too.
you can hate him for all that. other people have.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

At least with a pricey camera, those big bucks make sense, right? Right???
Erik is a golfer and had his clubs before we met, but with my horse expenses, I could never comment if he bought a new club....well, except maybe Big Bertha:-)

Marilyn said...

Funny! I hope you get them for under the price of that putter. And they are probably made in China too.

ain't for city gals said...

Unbelievable! My mom just had a garage sale...we sold a complete set of men's golf clubs and vintage leather bag for $10! And felt lucky to have sold them..ha!