Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When I went on watch today
I had 2 choices.
I could either go out on deck and take care of a few things
or head down to the engine room
and perform maintenance of some kind.

I chose to stay in the galley because of this.

The galley had been taken over
by two of the guys getting a workout in.

This is one of the implements they use.

It's a bag full of sand.
200 pounds of the little granules.

I refer to these 2 guys
as my heavyweight division.

The bag they were tossing around weighs
25 pounds more than I do.
I was intimidated,
so I took my 20 pound dumbells and left.


Joey said...

Wow! Impressed. TRX and sandbags! I like!

Joey said...

Wow! Impressed. TRX and sandbags! I like!

dcpeg said...

Please tell me the majority of the boat has A.C.. The engine room must be an inferno most of the time. Glad you don't have to hang out down there all the time.

Marilyn said...

Fun look in the galley! But I wouldn't like the heat there. Stay cool.

Karen said...

UGH.. that HEAT!!!! You know.. when I was younger.. I used to think I'd love to live down south where it's almost always hot and humid. The hotter, the better! - I used to say.

Not anymore.

You guys are resourceful on keeping yourself fit and finding things to's gotta be hard sometimes to do that.

missing moments said...

Good idea to depart! And with those temps ... ghastly to be on any boat!

beth said...

that weight room cracks me up....and sheesh, i thought we were hot. you're hotter.
sorry i could't resist that using that line :)