Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big news on the political front as I'm sure you heard. Mittens chose a Vice Presidential running mate earlier today and the name, though surprising, wasn't the world shocking name of one Sarah Palin made by the last Republican Presidential candidate.
I miss Sarah. So does Saturday night live.

Paul Ryan, the cheesehead from Wisconsin is next in line, if Mr. Romney were to win the election, to be President of the United States, if something were to happen to Mr. Romney.
( I say cheesehead with all do respect, they have awesome cheese there.)

My problem is this. I HAVE MORE FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE THAN Paul Ryan has. A vacation in San Juan Puerto Rico does not count. I don't care how many programs for the elderly he wants to abolish, I just can't see him sitting in the Oval Office.

He looks like a nice guy, handsome and reports say his youthful vigor with attract the young vote.
Hey, have you seen President Obama run up those stairs for the last 3 years?  He's vigorous. Looks kind of goofy sometimes trying to run up 2 steps to the stage. You can't run up 2 steps. You need a good 4 steps for it to qualify for an impressive run up.

Romney said, to describe his new running mate in a word would be "leader".
If I were to describe him in one word it would be "Whodat?"

I'm kidding, I do know of his name, only because he has tried to orchestrate a plan to cut taxes for the wealthy ( of which I am not, so I vehemently disagree with this Packers fan ) and he suggests deep cuts in education, which got my attention because I just spent the last 11 years contributing to 3 Universities in the Philadelphia area because the education aid is already too slim.

Hey Mr Ryan, I want to see your birth certificate. Yeah. How do I know you were actually born in Wisconsin as you profess? Rumor has it you have a relative in Kenya, is that so? You are ineligible to run for President until I see your birth certificate! Sound familiar?

He better attract the young vote because Romney just lost the "old" vote. Wanting to do away, or drastically change medicare is a good way to shun the seniors.

Best of luck to you Mr. Paul Ryan. I think you are in for a hell of a ride.
Speaking of Obamacare ( I'm bad with segues ) and that national health care that just scares the beejeebees out of all Republicans, did you notice what happened at the opening ceremonies of these Olympics?
The games are in London so London gets to use the Opening Ceremonies as a venue to show the world, what it is about England that they are so proud of. They can choose anything. England's been around for roughly 8 gazillion years so they have a big pot to choose from.
Did you notice, that they spent a good part of the ceremony showing the world how proud they were of their

My friends, it's not a bad thing to not be denied health care. It's a good thing that if your sick, the insurance company has to take you. Understandably, they only want healthy people, but if you're sick, they have to take you too. Crazy isn't it?
And if you get too sick, they can't kick you off. I swear, that's a good thing.

Don't be afraid, most of the world plays by these rules.
Health care for everyone no matter what. It's not a new idea.

It works, England brags about it.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I'm giving you a high five right now!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Health care for all? Awesome idea. But why are there so many volleyball games in the Olympics?

Mitt and Paul look like a very shiny package that has a scary gift inside.

Anonymous said...

i just discovered your blog. i LOVE IT. we think alike.

beth said...

you had me at hello....i mean "cheesehead" i'm so proud to be one :)

but you knew that !!

i read your post shaking my head....NO not at paul ryan although personally i do kind of like him, but at the fact that not everyone gets to see what you write and that's such a shame. seriously, a newspaper needs you on staff !!!

Marilyn said...

I agree, your writing is right on.
I do find this Paul Ryan rather scary, but then I am one of those older folk that would be hurt by having him in office. Health care for everyone and a caring heart, now isn't that biblical? Aren't we suppose to care for those that need care?

bon bon said...

kudos, mark! i live about a dozen miles from mr. ryan. i'm a 7th generation wisconsinite. (although i can't say i've ever worn a cheesehead hat or watched more than 2 minutes of a packer game.)

just want to share this little tidbit. paul's dad died when he was 16, i believe, so social security paid his way through college. a little something he would like to privatize. and his cutting of women's rights are just too long to list!

republicans are easily fooled by a smooth talker with a pretty face. hell, palin only had one those traits! so naturally i'm a little nervous.

as for the uk healthcare song-and-dance-number? i was grinning over that display myself. i'm surprised it wasn't cut for US viewers. ;)

Joey said...

Pretty SCAREY if you ask me. And what about the "slip" when MR introduced him as the next PRESIDENT of the United States???? OMGGGGGGGGGG. That was even scarier!!! You gotta wonder about the GOP. Again - they SCARE me!!!!