Monday, August 13, 2012

Do you still get excited for Christmas? Do you know that feeling of anticipation?
Come on, even us adults still get that, don't we?

Well, I have it now. It's August and I'm so pumped up for Christmas I can't stand it.
Because my wife just firmed up the house we will rent this Christmas, in Culebra, a small Island just a few miles off the coast of Puerto Rico.
My whole family will have our toes in the sand in the middle of winter.
We never did that before.
I'm as amped as a 12 year old boy who just had his first 5 hour energy drink.


It was 1045 PM tonight and I thought I would jump in the shower. I share a bathroom with the mate on the boat.
He's my age, nice guy and his personal hygiene is beyond reproach.
I say this because I waited for 43 minutes for him to get out of the damn shower.
What guy spends 43 minutes in the bathroom?
You would have thought it was prom night.


I heard today, for the first time, Paul Ryan give a speech in his new role as the V.P. nominee.
Now I've seen way to many reality, behinds the scenes shows on politics and we know now that every word
a Presidential nominee says is scripted, right down to the amount of force he should inflect in his voice at a particular line in the speech. He is told by his handlers when to smile, when to grimace and when to raise his arms up high.
So I heard Mr. Ryan"s speech today. I know he was told by "his people", when you get to the line,
".....get America back on track," be stern, loud, forceful.
When I heard him get all forceful and meaningful to get the crowd all fired up, well, it didn't work.
He was trying to get fired up but you could just tell it's not his personality. He sounded more like a cross between Julia Child and Will Ferrell.
It was like watching Mr. Rogers trying to get a crowd excited.
I'm sure he's a really nice guy and great family man.


I had a dream last night, in it my mom pulls up to the curb, driving a white taxie with a blue circle on the door.
In real life,she never had a drivers license.
Dreams are strange.


Joey said...

Well - my Christmas kid 13 year old doesn't have A PR vacation to be excited about at Christmas but he is wound up already for his favorite holiday! I - on the other hand - am wound up for mine...SCHOOL STARTS in 15 days!!!!!!

Very envious of your Christmas plans!!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love Christmas.....I can see why you are so amped! It's nice to have a trip to look forward to especially one the gets you on a beach in the winter time.

I have to say my hubby doesn't take 43 minutes but I believe I'm faster than him!

Weird dream about your taxi driving Mom....

Have a wonderful day!

beth said...

i love your random news :)

wow, your christmas plans sound spectacular. how fun is that going to be ?

and ummm, a 43 minute shower....and you're men....on a boat....well i can probably figure out why he was in there so long.

and dreams.....i wish i could remember mine more clearly. nightmares stay with me....dreams not so much :(

Karen said...

Random news is the best!

LOVE your Christmas plans... hmmm... maybe!.. hmm..gonna have to work on it here with the Mr.

Not saying NOTHING about the 43 minute shower. What Beth said...but that's saying something, isn't it :-)

Hmmm.. Mom didn't drive in life.. but she's driving... a Taxi - a means of transportation for all

...and a circle is a never-ending symbol... death is not the end?

New life, with no encumbrances? Pulling up to the curb near you.. someday you'll be welcome there too?

Just sayin.

dcpeg said...

Now I wish I had seen and heard Ryan's speech. A combination of Julia Child and Will Farrell is simply not to be missed! ;-}

As for your sandy feet in the middle of winter: Here's a Bronx cheer for ya! I'm so jealous I can almost taste a pina colada. . .

As for th 45 minute shower: be careful you don't get caught doing that. People might wonder. . .

Marilyn said...

Dreams are strange for sure.
Good to hear the speech by ryan had the wrong impact.
How exciting to look forward to Christmas on an island. I think that would be extra special.

Alison said...

I can recommend beach summers!

Alison said...

Oops, I mean beach Christmases!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I still get jazzed about Christmas!! Yup!