Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I stumbled upon this photo today
of the people gathered in the Mall in Washington DC
to witness the swearing in of President Obama.

Believe me when I tell you
that was the coldest day ever in the history of the world.
Ok, maybe not
but the 13 degrees that day sure felt like it.

My wife and my oldest daughter ventured out that day
to witness history.
As you can see from the picture
the Washington Monument is to our left and about a mile
to our right is the Capitol where the swearing in ceremony was taking place.

So, we didn't actually SEE the swearing in,
but we heard it, thanks to the public address systems that were
set up all over the Mall.

The mood that day was unbelievable.
There is something to be said about being in a place with
a million and a half, two million people who are all very very happy.
words cannot explain it and alcohol or drugs can't replicate it.

Three and a half years later
the mood is different.
Many people forget the dire straights this country was in
when he spent his first night in the White House, 
and forget who had the con while the country was headed for disaster.

I was watching a special on TV about 9/11 the other day, 
you remember, the day a bunch of crazed lunatics 
were allowed to steal a bunch of our planes,
and crash them into a couple thousand of our citizens,
committing mass murder the likes that haven't been seen in our country since
the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

Think about how easy it was for that to happen.
This country was dead asleep at the wheel
and the guy in the passenger seat looking at the map
upside down was George Bush.

And then Bush stood on the death heap
at ground zero in a hard hat and a bull horn,
like he was going to do something about.
He did nothing but embarrass our country.

While Bush methodically led our country
toward economic collapse and started a war in Iraq
for made up reasons while breaking the law doing it,
he then let a bunch of punks,
learn to fly in our country so they could then attack our country
with the skills they learned.

I'm tired of hearing all the whining about how Obama has us in this mess.

Has Obama done everything right?
Absolutely not.
Given the state of the game when he arrived,
I'd say he's batting about 300.

On Bush's watch
Bin Laden ran amuck.

It was Obama who took him out,
again cleaning up the mess that was left for him.

As you can tell, I had a bad day.


Karen said...

Well said, Mark. We need this reminder. I AM going to vote. Because of you.

Amazing photo... those of us who will probably never witness in person the swearing in, appreciate your depiction here... just WOW, awe inspiring.

Inspiration.. there it is.

Thank you.

Formerly known as Frau said...

It takes longer than four years to clean up the mess Bush left behind, especially when you have so many against you for the wrong reasons.
Great post...hope you have a better day today!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh how soon we forget how it really was.

bon bon said...

amen. coincidentally, i just finished reading this article which echos your post—

Anonymous said...

AMEN to this entire post. love your blog!!

beth said...

if this is you on a bad day....well i can only imagine unicorns and rainbows then when you have a really good day, as this was profound, honest and truthful !

dcpeg said...

Amen and thank you, thank you, thank you.

As you observed, it is far too easy to blame someone else for mistakes made by another. It's also ugly and cowardly. It took a huge amount of courage for Barack Obama to take the lead, much less running in a race many didn't want him to win. Ever since he did win, they have tried to sabatoge his every move and stymie anything he has tried to do to help the American People. AAAAACCKKKK!!!

Jerral Miles said...

I've been thinking, Mark... and dreading the possibility that our exceptionally bright President Obama might get so tired of the fight that he would just say he can't take the stress any more... but in addition to being bright, he is honorable... and he obviously loves our country/his country and the people, so I reassure myself that he won't walk away from the unfair fight waged against him... Thank you for stating the issues so clearly. I'm grateful for people like you who keep on keeping on... just like the President.

Donna said...

And THIS post is just one of the reasons why I read your blog - and come back for more... you tell it, brother! The fact that there are people outside my immediate circle of friends who feel this way is a HUGE relief! Gives me hope that my country may NOT be taken over by the Zombie Tea party hordes after all!

imquilternity said...

Thank you for the great reminder. So many seem to have forgotten. I'm glad Karen is going to Vote (because of you). She had me worried.