Thursday, August 16, 2012

My friend over here at Phantom kitty was nice enough to send me an article
related to my political rant yesterday,
and in it I'm reminded that before Bush took office,
we had a surplus of 236 billion dollars, thanks to Bill Clinton.

Bush then proceeded to start 2 wars.
Hey, war's hell. And expensive.

Republicans need to stop crying about the deficit.
It's because of you we're in this mess.
On a happier note,
have you seen the swearing in ceremony of the President on TV,
and after it's official, the next thing they show is the outgoing president
hopping into the helicopter and blowing town?

Here's another view of that scene,
shot by your's truly
minutes after Obama was sworn in.
Bye Bye Bush.


I'm reading a book called J. Edgar Hoover, The Man and the Secrets, and in it I learned that The United States Military Academy Band is the only band allowed to play, "Hail to the Chief," you know that song that's always played when the President walks into a room.
Well I'm feeling a bit on the wild side, so when I get home I'm going to sit down at the piano and play "Hail to the Chief."
Nice and loud.
Take that !
Then I'm going to run with scissors.....
and use them to cut the tags off of all of the mattresses in my house.
I'm crazy like that.

I read where an interviewer asked Hillary Clinton,
our county's Secretary of State
this question.
"What designers do you prefer?" ( of cloths )
Can you imagine the look of death she must have given this guy?


Mark said...

Ok, so there is some technical difficulty, no video showed up.

SueAnn Lommler said...

You do live dangerously!! Hey! I have some tags on some pillows on my sofa, You are welcome to them.

Karen said...

I cut those stupid tags off too... running with scissors? Not so much... and I'd vote for Hilary any day of the week. It's amazing how much emphasis is put on the wardrobe of the first lady... kinda disgusting.

bon bon said...

i could listen to you rant all day. but you'd be singing to the choir. ;)

speaking of which, are there words to hail to the chief? hmmm...

lenworth scully said...

Mark you are the best!!