Friday, August 17, 2012

Parents, don't drop your baby.

Have you ever dropped your baby? Oh, what a sickening feeling, a nightmare.
That awful thud as she hits the ground, and then the bounce! That's the worst part.
Oh, no, not THAT kind of baby. Not the human kind. Hell, that's no big deal, they're made to bounce.

I'm talking about your camera!
Dropped mine today from about waste high, with zoom lens attached, onto a steel deck and watched it bounce across and slam into a steel bulkhead.

I gingerly scooped her up and checked her out. Somehow miraculously, I think she still works.
But I can tell, she's pissed.


It's been awhile since I took some time to play with my camera, I've been too busy complaining about our political climate. So today, as we departed our anchorage for the dock, I thought I'd stand outside on the deck and see if anything developed.

The problem with being on the same boat, on the same "run", I see basically the same stuff all the time. It's easy to loose interest. Today I thought, I'll find something, even if I have to shoot birds again.
Stop cheering you NRA supporters, I meant with my camera, not a gun.

If you were standing 100 yards from my boat and looking at us, this is what you would see.

That is one of my company's tug and barge units. The tug is a "sister" to the one I'm on, meaning, it's just like it. Same with the barge.

It didn't take long for my dependable subjects to appear.

And then I noticed this ship coming by and caught a glimpse of dolphin playing with the bow.
That always makes my day, even though I couldn't get a great shot.

This guy here is in dire straights, a sailboat with no sails.

 He doesn't need them, and here is why.

"And then the sky's grew angry my friends," so I ran inside and dropped my camera.

Be careful with your baby.


Jerral Miles said...

That little brush with the never mind your camera had when it slammed into the bulkhead seems to have made it even better. Great pictures...especially the birds.

Joey said...

At least you didn't get it wet! Love the dolphin!

beth said...

what you see from your boat is more exciting than anything i've seen this week.....

you know i'm a water lover and now you've taunted me with a dolphin, a pelican and are bad !!

and yes, surprisingly our babies are pretty strong. i've dropped mine from my lap while exiting the car and i've dropped lenses, on blacktop, three times. thank god each time i've been very lucky and hold in high praise lens filters and covers !!

Marilyn said...

Love seeing the dolphins and the boat like the one you are on. Oh yes, I have dropped my baby and my heart almost jumped out of my body. It does look of the wear and tare it gets. The first time I dropped it I thought it was fine, but then the little release lever to get the memory card out had broken, cost $2oo to fix. I do remember beth reminding me to always have the lens cover on, good recommendation and one I now use.

bon bon said...

haven't dropped my yet. *knocks wood* i always keep the strap around my neck or once around my wrist. paranoia is my friend. ;)

your bird shots are awesome! and i would probably wet myself getting dolphins in the wild on camera! "no, that's just sea spray. shut up."

dcpeg said...

I can almost feel my stomach jolting in sympathy. I dropped my camera once and it was never the same. Really hurt. Glad you "girl" survived.

You can never go wrong with bird shots(no pun intended)and dolphins always make me smile. Thanks!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Yikes I've never dropped her but a bumps and near misses....glad yours survived!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Nice photos of your world. I try to be diligent about using my strap. I would freak out if my camera took a fall like yours.

missing moments said...

My greatest fear ... dropping my baby! I never tire of your water views.

Karen said...

I have to admit, at times I am very stupid about not using the camera strap.

Great captures here!...