Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A fan, a phone and Astro

You know those big wind generators with the huge vanes
that produce power without risk of a environmental disaster?

Have you ever wondered how they get those big vanes to their location?
Personally, I've never given it a thought.
But in case you have, they get there, at least in this case,
in Corpus Christi, TX by ship.

I don't have an Iphone.
Haven't had the pleasure yet.

I had a touch screen phone that Sprint charged me too much for.
I'm not sure if it was qualified to be called a "Smart Phone."
Not sure what those qualifications are.

I liked to think of mine as a "Pretty Smart Phone."
You know, it did some stuff.
Anyway, the screen froze up on me for the second time recently
in the 2 years I've had it.

And here's a tip.
Throwing your Pretty Smart Phone on the kitchen counter
does not make it any smarter.

I decided to go back to basics.
I went back to the flip phone.

This may not be a surprise to anyone,
but I hate my flip phone.
It has the sound quality of two empty cans attached by a string.

See this angel food cake?
I did not have this for dinner.

In fact, there was no dinner on the boat today.
Well, because our cook/deckhand
is too busy watching the Jetsons.
Yep, the cartoon.
Yep, the one with George and Astro the dog.
Yep, he's 53 years old.
The cook, not Astro.

Come to think of it
Astro may be 53 years old.

Someone help me, please.


SueAnn Lommler said...

They also transport by semi...on the freeway...slowly..very slowly!! Ha!
Wish I could help you out....I fixed stuffed porkchops last night!! You would have been welcome to join us.

Formerly known as Frau said...

No dinner...that's crap! I hope you all gave him a rant or two! I love my iphone...really I do! I couldn't imagine going backwards in phone history! Awesome shot! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

The company my husband works for makes those huge wind blades. I've seen some being transported cross country on HUGE flatbed trucks before.. and I mean they are HUGE!!

bon bon said...

omg! i drive north to madison, wisconsin (from just 30 south) regularly, and i see these things being towed down the interstate, one at a time. (and i'm not talking angel food cake.) it never dawned on me until now what the hell they were! they didn't really look like plane wings, but i didn't give them much thought either. priorities, you know...

ventepaschere said...

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Karen said...

Get an Iphone. You wont' be sorry. They're so increcible now, it might even cook dinner for you when the COOK is off watching the Jetsons, which are approx. 50 years old.

Jerral Miles said...

May help cometh from George and Astro... Who made the angel food cake? ...It may not be dinner, but it doesn't look bad. I know a good place on Adams Avenue in San Diego where you can get good donuts for a dollar... a dozen for $8.50.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Mark...hungry you are? Well come over I'm having salmon tonight....nicly smoked on the bbq...the sun is out, the beer is cool and hey I even might take you out in the car so we can enjoy the sunbeams palying with the leaves.
Wanna come off your ship and visit...well anyhow do that when you go visit your daughter in Brussel. It's only a 2 hour drive from were I live....promise you'll come?

For now go get were you can get your hands on food wise and do enjoy what is left. I'll be thinking about you when I put my teeth in the salmon this evening. Promise.
Hugs my far away friend.
ps real nice you didn't forget about me.

jaymie williams said...

I can't believe a 50+ years old adult is watching Jetsons. That's so cool! Is Jetsons even aired in television nowadays? I don't think so.

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