Saturday, August 25, 2012

These birds are big

I went to an air show yesterday. Not just any air show. 
This was a private showing.
Just for my wife and I. 
That's right, a private air show just for us.
That's how we roll people!

Actually, we stopped by our local airport the day before their much publicized air show was to start.
Guess what those talented acrobats in flying machines do before their performance?
They practice. A dress rehearsal of sorts.
Guess who happened to be there picking up their VIP tickets, minutes before the dress rehearsal was to begin?
That would be us. A quick trip home to grab the camera and a couple of lawn chairs, and we were ready for our show to begin. 
 We were VIP"s because of one RAP ( really awesome person )
Her name is Rachel. She is a friend of my wife and her husband just happens to run the joint, meaning this small out of the way picturesque airport.

The plane pictured above is a restored 1940's something or other, restored by Rachel's husband. Yep, it flys. Talk about talent! I make it a main event around my house when I detail the family car, this guy restored a plane!  I don't know much about planes other than the fact that they are really really cool.
Especially up close.

Below is my new best friend Rachel. Obviously her generosity is as large as her smile and we can't thank her enough for the VIP perk and the little behind the scenes tour she gave us.

If you've seen advertisements in your area for an airshow and have never been to one, I highly recommend you grab your lawn chair and camera and check it out. Whether or not your airplane buff or not, you'll really enjoy it.
Thank you Rachel.


Karen said...

Great shots.. those little planes are amazing, arent' they? But I've seen where air shows go and I think I'll just admire your pics.

Formerly known as Frau said...

That is right up my hubby's ally....loves planes! Great shots!

SueAnn Lommler said...

wow..those are awesome. what a great treat. sounds like fun.

hugs sueann

beth said...

how fun.....and someday i hope to referred to as an RAP like rachel.....

we have a huge air show every year up in oshhosh and we've never been....maybe i'll take your advice and we'll go next year !!!!

Jerral Miles said...

Wow! I want to be up there. Your pictures are terrific. I think your BLOG today is a good tribute to Neil Armstrong. It made me think about him.

dcpeg said...

Oh, those magnificent men (and women) in their flying machines!

Your pics reminded me of the Flying Circus in Virginia I went to years ago. Love the smells and sounds of those old birds.

Joey said...

I'm not that much into air shows (although I am happy you had a great, exciting day!) - but that Boycott American Women poster? WTF is wrong with that guy? LOL!!!