Monday, September 24, 2012

Photography and high blood pressure.

Yesterday as we headed down the Houston Ship Channel, destination the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, I stepped outside to take a break from the relentless noise caused by our 6000 horse power diesel engines.
Not that stepping outside is like entering a library or anything, it's loud out there too, just a different type of loud.

While soaking in the sights of Houston's river bank, I noticed, behind us was a ship that was coming up on us at a pretty good clip.

My first thought? "This has possibilities." I ran inside and grabbed my camera, took aim at the bow of that baby and waited, like a hunter stalking his prey. ( I don't hunt, never have, but I can imagine.)

I waited, poised, as the ship cruised closer.
"Come on, I know you're around," I thought to myself.

Waiting some more, the wave on the bow grew larger in my viewfinder as the ship lined up to pass us.
This was perfect.
"Come on guys, where are you?"

Suddenly, to the right side of the frame I saw them. Dolphin lining up for play time. My pulse actually quicken as I waited.

The dolphin disappeared from view. The seconds went by.........and then,

 Let the games begin. My heart raced as I captured these beauties just having some fun.

 If our tug had caught on fire, I wouldn't have put the camera down.

Think about it. How cool are dolphin. They didn't show up to mate, or to eat or for any other reason other than to PLAY.

Now THAT, my friends, is a good day!


Joey said...

That is sooooo awesome!!!!!! Great shots! I want to have fun like that...

Karen said...

Mark that is an AMAZING CAPTURE!!! You need to send the best one to National Geographic or some photographic journal. No kidding!

Even the color of the ships hull against the rest of the composition of the shot is beautiful. WOW.

I love dolphins, I think we could all learn from them.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Awesome capture! What's not to love about those shots and the life of a dolphin!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

That is soooo cool!! Wow, such awesome creatures just playing in the water like that. And the photos with the color of the ship are terrific.

Anonymous said...

Would be so wonderful to be a dolphin and play like that. Great photos, and thank you for letting the boat burn around you as you continued to take these shots to share with us. :-))

Marilyn said...

Oh the thrill of it all. Just to come and play, that is so perfect. Awesome photos and catch.

Donna said...

FABULOUS!! So glad you captured - and shared! These creatures always make me smile!

Jerral Miles said...

You've made my day. What a great way to be reminded that being alive on this earth is absolutely wonderful. I am grateful... for those dolphins and the ship that gives them pleasure and especially for you for giving me this experience.

bon bon said...