Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane's and cheaters.

As Hurricane Sandy was pounding my childhood summer playground today, namely the Jersey Shore, it was strangely calm here in the Gulf of Mexico as I watched the moon rise not long ago. I've been glued to the TV watching the effects of this nasty storm to my neck of the woods and found it strange that it was so tranquil here on the Gulf coast in what is normally the target for hurricane's.

Our day and half trip from Port Arthur, TX to Corpus Christi found us with visitors on board. About 10 of these little guys made the trip with us. I wondered if they missed their family and friends?
They are still here.
I started my day with a work out today. As I was riding my stationary bike I was thinking of Lance Armstrong, winner of 7 Tour de France races. That's what he used to be famous for, until he started the organization LIVESTRONG. All he did there was save lives. That's a bit more impressive than the 7 Tour wins. But now, he is best known for being the guy who took performance enhancing drugs, which helped him win those 7 Tours. His reputation is damaged, he removed himself from the board of LIVESTRONG, he has lost millions in endorsements and he is now denying ever having taken PED's.
Lance? Get real.

Sandusky, Paterno and OJ Simpson tried that "deny" tactic. It doesn't work.

My personal opinion? I really don't care that he took PED's. I've jumped off that soapbox long ago when I realized that these professional athletes who are getting caught cheating are not the only ones cheating, they just got caught. If the majority of baseball players were using steroids for many years, than why am I to get upset because Barry Bonds got caught. Is he really cheating, if everyone is doing it? That's a rant for another time.

You could fill a litigators office with the evidence that has surfaced showing that Lance Armstrong used PED'S.
Other competitors, former teammates, present teammates, doctors, lab geeks, girl friends and police organizations together have overwhelming evidence that Lance "cheated." That's not what bothers me.
The fact that he is still denying it is getting very annoying. Give it up Lance. It's becoming embarrassing.

If you're standing next to a house that burned down holding a gas can and a pack of matches, and you deny starting the fire, I'm not going to believe you.

You fought the good fight Lance, you had us all convinced during those first couple of years when these rumors started, that they were charges brought on by jealous competitors. But things have changed. It's now apparent you tried to gain an advantage over the field, by injecting various illegal substances into your body. You've been stripped of the 7 gaudy "Yellow Jersey's"  that signify the winner of the tour.

It's time to suck it up. Admit you broke some rules, the public will get over it. Watching you deny something over and over again that is undeniable, well, that's what the public is sick of.

You cheated in some bike races, big deal. What's more important is the work you have done with LIVESTRONG. By continually denying these obvious alligations, you blemish the name LIVESTRONG.
It doesn't deserve that.


SueAnn Lommler said...

Yes! He should give it up...enough said!
It is amazing that the Gulf didn't get hit and the east coast got it.
And boy did they get it.
I hope your household faired well??

Formerly known as Frau said...

Amazing picture! I have been glued to CNN its shocking to see the shores destruction. My favorite childhood vacation spot too. I hope your family was spared. I have heard from my sisters in Bergan county as of last night they were without power but good.

As for Lance I love watching the Tour....just admit it already you have to pay back all the winnings why not you will be bankrupt and are disgraced. I think he really believes he is innocent. Crazy!

Jerral Miles said...

Mark, I'm conflicted, too, in my feelings about Lance Armstrong. I'm not throwing away my Livestrong bracelet... keeping it to remind me that owning up and being honest even after the fact of great achievement... even with a little help from doping... would still give me reason to at least hope for the best for him... but until he finally says "I was wrong..."

On another subject: Your picture of the full moon and ship and Gulf... Wow! Wonderful... Hope your folks are all well in Pennsylvania. Our Nancy didn't even lose power in Rockville, MD.

beth said...

we are watching an update as i type this. the damage from this storm will be in the record books for years and our kids will say to their kids, "i was alive when that happened....and thankfully was in the midwest and only watched the devastation."

i hope all is well at your house !!

and as far as lance goes....WOW, what you wrote is spot on and agreed with by many !!!

dcpeg said...

That adorable little bird on the thick rope brought a happy tear to my eye.

As for Lance: he has no shame.