Monday, November 5, 2012

Yesterday's word for "photo a day" was
Yesterday I was at sea so there was no entry.

Today's word was 
5 o'clock.

I didn't sign on to my blog until
6 o'clock.

No entry today.


If you live in the U.S. then you are well aware that today is election eve. This presidential race has the makings for a night of nail biting and sleeplessness for both campaigns. It's as close as the triple overtime football game played  between Notre Dame and Pitt last weekend, and in just a few hours from now it, the campaign, the mud slinging, the stumping, the cold calls and mass emailings will all be over.


This Presidential race is so close it looks like whatever side gets their people off their keesters tomorrow to vote, will be the winner. The cold calls will continue tonight, which is why my phone is presently in the OFF position. I am not one of those still UNDECIDED. Who are those undecided voters anyway? Do they not have cable, don't they buy newspapers? Do they not talk to other citizens? 

It's pretty cool, this democracy of ours. We the people, do get to decide tomorrow who will be sitting in the Oval Office come January. Voting is not only our right, it's our responsibility. If the early voting lines are any indication, tomorrows turnout should be record setting.

If a poll of my tug boat is any indication, it will be a low turnout. 6 people on my tug, only 2 sent in their absentee ballot. Thomas Jefferson would not be happy.

There is a lot on the line. We the people will decide tomorrow what direction the country will be going in.

I hope it is a record setting turnout. 

May the best man win.


bon bon said...


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey you. Here's my AMEN! And there's only one best man I believe so at least.
Well I stay tuned about what's happening. And even here it must come to an end. Well we're not out of the woods eigther when it comes to politics. It seems that the only thing we do lately is give money away to those who screw up big time themselfs. Oh well let's not go there and start off with a sunny day instead.
Happy times to you dear Mark.
ps yes Storm is the best (for me) as other dogs are for their owners ;-)
Bye Dagmar

SueAnn Lommler said...

I will definitely give you an "AMEN".
But it is we the people overruled by the electoral college for sure!! Sigh!!

Joey said...

I agree with Sue! Try explaining THAT one to your 13 year old. I fear it really isn't "over" today. Why do I sense WEEKS of unrest with respect to the power outages and voting centers in the NY/NJ area . Hauntings of hell that we will have to listen to endlessly. SIGH...I guess it the best of 2 evils...better that than these damn phone calls, commercials, junk mail and media coverage. ENOUGH, I say! Do you know that Linda McMahn who is running for senator in CT spent $54 million OF HER OWN MONEY on her loser campaign 4 years ago and spent $77 million OF HER OWN MONEY this year? Has she a CLUE????? Has she ANY idea the good she could have done with that money as opposed to the NOTHING she would do if she is voted in???? Damn - you got me going again, Mark!!!

Karen said...

OBAMA 2012! FORWARD!!!!!!!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Photo a day is hard....I'm cheating! 5 o'clock came and went not even sure what I was doing!!
It's going to be an interesting next couple of days.
My the best man's a job I seriously would never want.