Monday, March 18, 2013

"....give me a ping Vasili, one ping only..."

If you were in my engine room
you would actually be about 20 feet below the surface of the water.
When you are 20 feet underwater inside a steel boat
you can hear things.( if the engines aren't running)
The turning of a propeller under water causes quite a disturbance,
which is probably why we often see dolphin heading our way from seemingly out of nowhere
to play at the bow of the boat when we are underway at sea.

When I'm in the engine room at the dock
I can hear every crew boat, tug or ship that goes by.
The closer they are, the louder the noise.

If a tug is working alongside a ship
assisting her to the dock
it's quite apparent.

Today I heard a racket.
It almost sounded like something metallic hitting our hull
over and over.
It was so loud and unusual I went up above to see
what all the noise was about.

The ship pictured below
is in the process of turning around in the river
with the help of 3 tugs.

As you can see she is a big one
her stern almost on the bank of the other side.

The wind was blowing quite hard
and was hitting the side of the ship wanting to push it down river.
 All the racket I heard was the wheels of the 3 tugs
that were pushing and pulling this ship named "Blank".
Below, she comes quite close to just crushing the little barge......

.....but the little tug boat that could....did pull her away. 
 Below the ships looks like she's snorting.
 They finally turned her around
and safely docked her across the river from us.
 ...and then I had an avocado.
The End

Can I just mention the obvious lack of effort that was put forth
by someone in the naming of the above mentioned ship?

Naming a ship is a big deal.
Many many people are involved in the process.
After all the brainstorming by heaven knows how many people
the best name out of all that were considered

What would they name the sister ship?

or maybe

Who cares?


SueAnn Lommler said...

OH my!! That ship is huge!!!'Amazing
Love the pics

Karen said...

UNLESS!! Unless... the builder of the ship, the owner of the company that owns the ship... was named.. Blank? ...

One can hope.

and HOLY WOW, that is one big boat. The tugs have a very difficult and stressful job, I would imagine, when they have to do something like this.... all working together.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I am always amazed by the powerful tugs. That had to have been a challenge, even with three of them working together.
Did you know we have avocado farms within 20 miles of our home? Yes we do! Yours looks delicious.

Janney said...

I "lol"ed :)

beth said...

and then i had an avocado.....LOL
you is so funny mark !

Jerral Miles said...

Excellent writing. Do more. Lots more.