Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck of the Irish

After sitting at a dock for the last 10 days, we just arrived today from a 40 hour trip at sea from Corpus Christi to Houston, and I feel like I just made a trip across the Atlantic.
Having been spoiled with the capability of seeing TV and having internet access for the 10 days we were at the dock, the 40 hours of technological "blackout" seemed like forever.
Spoiled, I know.

I figured when I got "back on line" here in Houston, I would see that our country's budget crisis would be over, that Duke won the college B-ball championship and Pope Francis would have made the church's child abuse scandal  a thing of the past.
But, it's only been 40 hours, of course none of that happened.

I did notice that Pope Francis can't catch a break. The Papal honeymoon seems to be over. I don't think he's actually officially the Pope yet, but he's already playing defense against charges that he didn't protect 2 priests in Argentina who were kidnapped during the craziness down there many years ago.
I'm not gonna delve into that history just yet, I'm going to wait until he officially becomes Pope.

I was thinking today, he is really going to be tested in the coming weeks and months. He has won over many people so far with his, "I'm just one of the guys" attitude, which I like, a lot.
I like how he wanted to stand on the same level as the cardinals who elected him, rather than stand on a podium that puts him higher than anyone else, when he addressed the crowd after his election.
I like how he refused a limo after the ceremonies and climbed onto a bus with all the cardinals.
I wonder where he sat?
It's clear he's committed to making some small changes, starting with refusing some of the perks that come with the job, and some people find that admirable.

But I'll be interested to see what he has to say when he lays his eyes on the Pope-mobile.
My prediction is he will take one look at that baby and say, "Wow, cool!!"
I mean who wouldn't want to ride in an armored car that looks like it was put together with LEGO'S and goes 165 MPH. ( it actually can go that fast)
I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day, or St Patrick's weekend as some like to do.
If I was home I'm sure I would have sipped on at least one Guiness or maybe a Jameson, toasting my parents and inlaws who are no longer here to partake in the festivities themselves.

But, being on the boat, the Coast Guard frowns on liquor and operating heavy machinery.
So, it fruit smoothie day!

And here's the heavy machinery.
Actually, I'm happier than I look.
Happy St Patrick's Day!!


andy said...

Glad you got your technology back !! Have a great start to your day !

SueAnn Lommler said...

Are you sure you are happy??

Karen said...

And you're even wearing a shade o'green. Thankfully not in your face, as some of my friends are today.

I love his "just a guy like you and you over there too"... stance. And I feel for him, with the pressure already turned up and the scrutiny that was inevitable.

Joey said...

Wearin' the green I see!

Jerral Miles said...

Maybe kiwi would make it an Irish smothee.