Saturday, April 27, 2013

i what?

As soon as I walked outside today
into the glare of a overcast, dull,
very uncooperative photographic conditions,
my first thought was

Sure, that sleek little baby is easy to carry
and can fit nicely in your pocket,
next to your car keys and breath mints,

but can it capture a formation
of pelicans at 300 yards????

 I think Not.

Sure, the iPhone is the popular thing to have
and you're always just a finger swipe away
from updating your status on Facebook,


Will it freeze a moment in time
in the most unforgiving lighting,
while large jawed prehistoric looking birds
wizz but at 20 MPH?

 I don't THINK so.

Just keep your phone/music player in your pocket
and wait until the next toddler birthday party you attend to brandish that baby.

I hear the iPhone takes great balloon pictures.


Hey iPhoners......

I'm just messing with ya.


beth said...

mark.....i think these are beautiful !!! seriously, an iPhone could not have gotten these birds and you captured them perfectly !!!

Jerral Miles said...

These pictures all together make a great symphony. Wow!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Awesome shots....the Iphone has made my Cannon collect dust....I need to do a photo challenge and dust that bad boy off! Happy Sunday!

Joey said...

My photography teacher told me that an overcast day is sooo much better for shooting! Obviously, he is correct. And NO my iphone can NOT take pix like these from 300 feet. Nice!!!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Cell phone camera's are handy for a quick shot, but ... I love my 7D, I wish it wasn't so heavy.

Marilyn said...

Very nice shots of the pelicans.
Still no iPhone here. Someone sent me a video of doctors that use iPhones so people can test themselves for heart problems and send the information to the doctor. Now that could be interesting.

imquilternity said...

My husband refers to Pelicans as "Terradactyls." They are such a strange looking bird and we see lots of them at the beach when we go. Anyway, your shots are wonderful!