Sunday, April 28, 2013

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In the time it took me to drink a cup of coffee on the stern today,
cream and sugar please,
I saw this.

I usually like listening to Bill Maher who hosts "Real Time,"his sarcasm filled show about anything politics.
But I disagree with what he said yesterday about the Boston police. He showed a picture of riot gear clad cops walking beside armored tank vehicles as they searched for the bombers responsible for causing havoc all through the city and the country.

He claims that was a bit "over the top", and says we live in a police state. Anyone who knows anything about law enforcement, and that does not include Bill, has been saying what a wonderful job the authorities did in Bean Town, to investigate and capture one of the suspects. (killers)
Does Bill forget already the anxiety that permeated the air for 3 days as we wondered if more bombs were going to go off?
Hey, they could have flown F-16 fighters at tree top level up and down the city streets for all I care.
I don't think they were over the top at all.

Last weekend just days after the problems in Boston,
36000 adrenalin filled runners stood at the starting line of the London Marathon.
They dialed back their competitive urges for 30 seconds of silence,
in remembrance of those injured by the Boston bombs.
I thought that was very cool. 

Some guy named Swarez plays soccer for Liverpool.
They say he's a "big time striker."
I don't know what that means,
but Mr. Swarez recently
took a chunk out of the competition,
I mean literally,
when he BIT an opponent on the arm.

I saw the video.
I'm not talking a small little "get away from me" type of bite,
it wasn't a nibble.
It was a  "Man you taste good" type of bite.
Swarez gnawed on this guys forearm with the concentration of my Grandfather
cleaning the meat off the bone of a Thanksgiving Turkey! 

And they say soccer FANS are crazy??

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Jerral Miles said...

Wouldn't it be interesting to know what those pelicans feel like just as they hit the water in a dive to catch fish? Wow! ...and that Boston madness! How can anyone make any sense out of that whole thing? Not me.