Monday, April 22, 2013

Weather patterns

After spending the first 10 days of my time back on the boat
at the dock,
I was nice to finally get underway again.

The positives for being at the dock are
calls home.

The negatives are
endless emails from the office
endless calls from the office,
did I mention endless emails from the office?

So it was nice to get out of town
if only for 48 hrs or so.

Once we got to the entrance of Freeport, Texas
which was our destination
the seas turned a bit nasty,
just nasty enough to prevent us from getting off the tow wire
and into pushing mode.

Which meant,
"weather patterns."

Basically what that is,
is we just run really slow, just barely moving
and we do circles out in the Gulf
but we stay within 10 miles or so of the entrance
in case the weather improved enough for us to do
what we have to do
to start pushing, instead of towing, the barge safely.

Doing circles, going nowhere works on your head.
I overheard the captain explaining what its like, to do weather patterns, to his wife.

"Honey, get in the car and go to the mall parking lot.
Put the care in first gear
and drive around the outside of the parking lot.
Go no faster than 5 MPH.
You can not go into the mall,
just keep driving around the parking lot in a circle,
for 24 hours.
That's what it's like to do "weather patterns."


Marilyn said...

My goodness, but that would get old rather quickly. Hope the weather improved, I am guessing it did because you posted about it.

beth said...

i think there's another word for's called torture.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh dear, my patience would be tested beyond its limits. Oh wait, I was thinking about the shopping analogy.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Ouch! That is definitely an exercise in patience! May your weather patterns clear up

Jerral Miles said...

Weather patterns may be boring for people on the boat, but to one guy sending pictures of the Gulf, the patterns are memorable. I especially like the one with the band of orange "something"... like a thoughtful abstract painting.