Monday, May 27, 2013

They want more Matt

I started posting photos of my recent trip
to Belgium and France,
about 3 posts ago.

The first photo was of my daughter and her fiance Matt,
who is in Brussels with my daughter.

It seems, in the posts that have followed
 I was a bit stingy with regard to the number of photos
of Matt.

I have been encouraged by some
to add more photos of Matt in my upcoming blog posts.
My inbox is full of people demanding
more Matt.

So, here's just some random shots of Matt.

Matt thinking about where his next meal is coming from.

Matt studying a menu.

 Matt exclaiming,
"I saw a restaurant way over there." 

 Matt eyeing a cheese plate.

 ....searching for food.

 ...disappointed he can't find any.

Matt eating

...ducking into a pastry shop.

 ...calmly explaining to my wife he is hungry.

 ...dismayed at the lack of food in this town.

 "Matt, there's food over here."





I think I see a pattern here.


Jerral Miles said...

Mark, your daughter obviously knows "how to pick 'em." I'm guessing Matt's a winner... if you can keep him fed. I must add that it's just as obvious that Matt knows how to pick 'em.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Matt's a cutie....they make a nice looking couple. Glad he enjoys his food!! Ha!!

Karen said...

Surely you've heard the saying... the way to a mans heart is his stomach.

What a nice couple.. and what a great way to start a life together.

I LOVE YOUR BLOG HEADER!!! You did it!! Now fix the background just a bit and you'll be golden.

Karen said...

I looked again, I don't think you need to fix the background, and you didn't need my opinion either, did ya.

beth said...

i just laughed out loud...this was too funny !!!

Joey said...

I think I really like how Matt thinks! Hysterical!

Marilyn said...

Too funny! I would be eating there too. Good for Matt finding, making, and eating the food.