Saturday, July 6, 2013

Writers Block?

It's obvious to me
that generally speaking,
I think I'm more of a rant kind of guy
rather than a raver.

I say this because,
about two months ago I made a conscious effort
to watch/read/listen to less "news,"
which has translated to having less to say.

If anything,
I'll scan the headlines
to make sure I don't miss something really important.
I'd hate to wake up and find we've been sold to China or something
and I didn't know it
because I was in this self imposed news blackout.

I don't think that's a good thing
as far as keeping up,
but I think it's doing my head wonders.

Ever since the school shooting in New England,
after which  I contacted my legislators
expressing my opinion on gun control
with the frequency of a borderline stalker,
I'm thinking,
%&$# it!.

Not one response other than a form letter from my Senator.


This is a house I saw in Giverny, France
right next to Monet's Garden.

I insert it here for no other reason
other than to lighten the mood.

I found it interesting in it's plainness .

So, back to business.
My point is this.

It's much easier to rant if you watch CNN every morning.
Hell, I could watch one 15 minute segment
and have enough blog material for a week.

So, I'll have to rave more I guess.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I haven't watched the news in a long time....well, since the election. I want to know what's happened, but I don't want to see every single analysis gone over and over and over. It's beyond ridiculous and irritating. Someone's brother's neighbor's sister might have known someone who saw the victim once when they were grocery shopping. blah blah blah. I cannot watch and so I don't. I read a little news online and that's all.
By the way, love the photo.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

your better off watching less. on the photo contest, stay @ the 18mm end and get in close, it will give you a different perspective

beth said...

the house is great and're being almost as random as i am at times.....HA....i love it :)

we don't watch the news during the summer....odd, right? or just busy playing instead of sitting i guess.....

let's see....maybe you could tell us about what you were like as a child :)

Jerral Miles said...

Great house... and a garden... I'll bet it would be satisfying to live there.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a news junkie until we unsubscribed from cable television. Now we watch only Netflix and I get important news blurbs off the Internet. I only click on things that affect us and none of the, what I consider, to be junk news. Makes life less stressful.

Joey said...

Much more fun to rant...

Donna said...

Being informed - and connected to what's going on in the greater world - is a sure fire recipe for raising my blood pressure too. Fantasizing about a simpler life in France can't hurt anything. Enjoy! Some 'rant' will lure you back in soon enough!