Friday, August 2, 2013


In yesterdays post I mentioned the uproar caused by Riley Cooper, the wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, when he used the "N" words as a weapon as he found himself in a heated exchange with a African American security guard at a recent concert he attended.

The "N" word, is there a more divisive, insulting, powerful word in the english language? I don't think so.
There isn't another singular word, when uttered, that causes so much heated conversation.
It is such a toxic word, when people speak of it, it is not mentioned or typed on a keyboard.
It is given a nick name. The "N" word.

When I first heard the report of what this guy said, honestly, I wasn't bowled over as some were. I was surprised it made it to ESPN and now, to national news outlets. I hear the word frequently. I work with people who use it almost as an endearing term in certain situations. I work with people who listen to music where THAT WORD is used alot.

I thought he was more stupid than racist.
Then I watched the video that started all this.
Oh, he's a racist.

This dude has problems. He used that word like a snake uses venom.  He obviously has a dark place inside, he may not visit there often, but he was visiting there that night at the concert.

The football team is a mess. After the initial support showed by some of the players, now reports are leaking out that a lot of players are having a hard time even being around Riley Cooper. With good reason.

The tolerance to bigotry of any kind is less and less these days in our society. I ask myself, if I were a player on that team, would I want him as a team mate.
After watching the video, that answer would be no.

At the present time Riley Cooper  has been released from the team to get professional help.
So, after a week or two, when he returns, what then?

I don't see him playing anywhere, anytime soon.

A moment of stupidity, and a career lost.
He brought this on himself.


Joey said...

I haven't seen the hoopala as I sequester myself often from what the media has to offer us. I'm just so puzzled by racism. I don't get it. I don't understand why Obama is black when he's half white. Why isn't he white then? I don't get how anyone can see a difference between white and black or for that matter difference between ANY human because they have a different color skin or their eyes are shaped differently or they come from Italy or Poland or Ireland. It's incomprehensible to me. INCOMPREHENSIBLE. That's all. Rant over.

Marilyn said...

How many athlete's and politician's run careers for stupids moves and words.

Jerral Miles said...

The perfect role model for what not to do... Put him alongside the San Diego mayor. The perfect response to them would be to put them on a desert island together.

Christopher Glenn said...

Yeah, the comment by Riley Cooper wasn't the best move for someone who's in the media for an entire season, but at the same time African Americans use that word daily as a term of endearment, but when it's uttered by a person of another race many African Americans find it offensive. The word shouldn't be in society at this point, but as long as people lack proper education it will exist. Funny with all the advances in technology many still have a caveman mentality with the words they use. I know I'm guilty of using that word as a way of endearment with my culture, but I must stop using it. I'm beyond that word.

Karen said...

What Joey said. Exactly.