Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Wish!

House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday..."It's time to resolve our differences." WHAT?

This just in. Santa Clause said Tuesday, "There will be two Christmas's this year."

My boss just called and said, "Mark, take the day off, we'll pay you anyway."

My wife just called and said we won the lottery....and we don't even play it.

The Philadelphia Eagles are on pace to win the Super Bowl this year.

What do all of these statements have in common?
They're all bull s@#t!!


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

He needs to find Vanna and buy a vowel.

Marilyn said...

Thanks I needed that.
It is always better to laugh than to cry over it.

Karen said...

LOL Wayne!

Sooooo over it, Mark. Can't even turn on the news anymore because as you said.. it's all bullsh*t.

Jerral Miles said...

Plenty of B.S. being slung around in Congress... Boehner doesn't seem to know when to stop slinging it.

dcpeg said...

The people who are so angry with "Washington" need to remember that they are responsible for electing all the members of Congress. D.C. has no say in that.