Friday, October 4, 2013

Louisiana has many things
I can't get in Philly.
Cafe Du Monde
just to name a few.

But let me tell you
you Louisianians can keep these nasty little buggers.

The dreaded Mayfly.
Every white surface on the boat and the barge
is covered with these winged creatures
and believe me, we have A LOT of white surfaces.

It looks like the killing fields out on deck.
You can't take a step without mashing 20 or so.

It looks like the movie
"The Birds"
only smaller.

A quick google tells me these flies
live for only a day.
the one day these guys  had to live life
they decided to hitch themselves to our tug and croak?

I don't get it.

Give me your Jazz and your Gumbo,
your seafood
and especially your Beignet's
but please
you can have these Mayflies.

By the way......


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

You are correct, there isn't any good cajun in philly. I used to frequently travel in the south and Etouffee and Andoulle are my favorites.

beth said...

weird. a mayfly fest in october. that must mean something good, right ?

Jerral Miles said...

I'll bet the mayflies are excellent food for fish...

Joey said...


Karen said...

I remember driving south with my parents many years ago... we had to put a net "bra" on the car because the bugs were so abundant that they were clogging the grill and overheating the car. Gross me out.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I've never had the displeasure of smashing a mayfly.
BUT, don't visit Florida during love bug season, they sadly live longer than one day and are everywhere for weeks!!