Monday, March 24, 2014

Am I just in a bad mood or what?

Have you been following this story about the airliner that mysteriously disappeared soon after take off?
If you have there is no need for me to give you the name of the airlines or the flight number of the plane or their destination.
If you haven't, there is no need for me to give you all of the above info either.

Have you followed it on CNN? If you have, are you as sick as I am with how CNN has turned this coverage into an "Entertainment Tonight" show, or even a TMZ broadcast?

It's nauseating.

I haven't followed it on FOXNEWS because it is against everything I believe in to turn my TV to FOXNEWS, even for a second.
But I wouldn't be surprised if FOXNEWS and CNN were nip and tuck in the race to see who is the most sickening.
Hey, CNN, just a heads up. How about next time there is a disaster you want to sink your teeth into, just wait a bit before reporting a story, UNTIL YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!
Good news for me, Michael Vick, the dog killing quarterback and sad excuse for a human being, has departed my home town Philadelphia Eagles football team and has traveled north 90 miles to spread his love with the New York Jets and all canines in the metropolitan area.

For those of you saying, "can't we forgive him, it's been a long time ago?"
Answer. Um, no.

Shall we revisit the photos of the mass graves of the dogs he destroyed, tortured and threw away like last nights garbage?
Let's do that first before we're so fast to forgive this now God fearing man.
A couple successful quarterback bootlegs around the left side for big yardage is not enough for me to forget what a sick puppy this guy is. ( no pun intended. )

I'm glad he left Philly, but I don't feel so good about it. It's like I just got over the flu but I know I gave it to someone else.
If the flu could have just ended with me, I would feel better.
But how can I feel good when i know that in short order my neighbor will get my flu, complete with chills, night sweats and uncontrollable nausea for 2 days.

Mikes timeline:
New York

Michael Vick is a virus cruising from city to city. I wonder, will the New York media turn to pansies like the once hardened media of Philly did?


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

He recently published a very humble letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, but it doesn't excuse his actions. I know we're supposed to 'forgive and forget', maybe the forget will be easier if he's out of town, but NYC isn't far enough.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Just like you, I'll never forgive Vick. (I like to call him something that rhymes with vick) He is a sad excuse for a human being.

Jerral Miles said...

About CNN's marathon coverage of the airplane disaster, I was wondering if happened to be the only person in the world noticing that the obsessive focus wasn't helping anyone; and you proved I've not been the only one clued in… About Vick, good riddance… even though NY isn't as far away as you'd like him to be. I've been afraid San DIego's poor excuse for a football team would sign him on; so I'm relieved.