Sunday, May 11, 2014


I guess they didn't tell the farmers about the sign.
I recently posted a photo of a sign down here in Texas that said "please don't feed the alligators."
I chuckled.
I shouldn't have. They say everything is bigger in Texas. Must be true for the gators too.

A gentleman who was working on the boat with us last week in a Texas shipyard, told me he was heading back to his hotel for the night and decided to pull off the road for a minute to watch some local He than noticed, in a field close by, some cows grazing. Then he noticed with mouth agape, a gator come out of nowhere, grab a cow who was just a bit to close to the waters edge, and take him under the water with him. He said he looked on for a while, and he never saw the cow or the gator again.
So I ask this, who in their right mind would feed these monster gators down here in Texas?
I mean, who would actually live in Texas?

Sorry that this isn't what you would call a nice Mothers Day antidote but.........


As I sit here writing this post, my phone chimes, alerting me I had just received  a text message.
The message says this, "Party at 1104, bring girls." So, I got that going for me.
305-510-1636 is the phone number, in case anyone is interested.


My brother is in the Loss Prevention business. I won't say where he is presently working, just in case any of my readers have sticky fingers. 
He is presently being courted by CVS, the popular pharmacy/drug store chain, to help them curb their on going problem of theft.
Who steals from CVS? What are they after? Mouthwash? Dr. Scholls arch supports? Tweezers?
Is there a person out there who wakes up in the morning and thinks to himself, " I got to get to CVS today and steal me some of those travel size deodorants."

Well, I guess the answer is yes. They said if he takes the job, he is expected to snag 240 bad guys, a year. That's an amazing stat if you ask me.


In our recent hasty departure from our boats scheduled shipyard period, things have come to a head.
It seems in my company's eagerness to stop spending money and get making money again, some safety issues were overlooked by them, but not by me.
I won't bore you with the nasty details as it has to do with our generators and paralleling capability and switch gear. In a nut shell, we were back underway with a potential serious safety issue hanging over ours heads.
So I did what any blogger would do, I practiced my blog writing by emailing my boss, his boss and his boss and very gingerly told them what I thought about this situation. I then sat back and watched/read as one big boss after another blamed the other big boss and everyone pretended they had no idea about this situation.
It was like throwing nails out on the street and watching as a car runs over them and then the craziness that ensues afterward.

It's been fun to watch.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Holy cow....poor cow! I do like the food in Texas but other than that...the mosquitoes are big too! LOL about your text...bring the girls! Hope your safety issue gets settled, at least you brought it to everyones attention. Seriously CVS has a shoplifting problem I can't imagine.....desperate times! I shoplifted once back in the day at the 5 and 10 a piece of bazookas bubble gum....scared the crap out of me, never did it again and it still haunts me! I think I was eight!

Jerral Miles said...

Apparently never dull moment in Texas. We're going to pass through that state on the way from East Coast to California. I'm going to stay from cows.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Damnit….cows get it coming and going!
We lived in Texas (Dallas suburbs) for 3 years and really loved it. Of course…I'm not a cow, so…..
305 is Miami. I'd avoid that party.
CVS sells orthotics? I had no idea.
Thank goodness you can write a good letter; that goes along way!

Marilyn said...

What fun things are entertaining you these days? Sounds like alot, oh my a party to go to, thefts at CVS, and a problem on the boat. I know my local pharmacy locks up things that are often disappearing and have cameras everywhere. Glad you are easily entertained on the tug.

beth said...

love your randomness!!! and the text about the girls…well that made me laugh right out loud!!! i think i would have had to respond with something….like…."well since i've decided lately that i'm really more into men, i think i'll pass. but thanks for the invite"…..bahahaaahhhha

Joey said...

That gator story?