Saturday, July 12, 2014

Revisiting the Grand Canyon

I posted some pictures of the Grand Canyon, where I was lucky enough to have visited again recently
while on a trip to Phoenix to visit my daughter who lives there.
 My wife, my oldest daughter Erin and my youngest Keely headed off on a road trip to see one of the grandest sites you can ever see.
 I received some comments that were very nice, some saying things like, have never been there but thanks for sharing the photos.
 Let me be clear here. These photos posted here do not even come close to capturing the majesty that is our Grand Canyon. Not--even--close.

 Maybe this antidote will make it a bit clearer. The day we were visiting this great hole became cloud covered as the day wore on. We were hoping to catch a Grand Canyon sunset, but I really had my doubts. It wasn't looking good. But we decided, what the heck, we would head up to the Canyon resort on the North rim, just in case the clouds cleared. We were fortunate. The gods were on our side and let just a bit of the sunset peek through the mostly cloud covered canyon. Being a resort, there was quite a few people around there for the same reason, armed with cameras, to catch a Canyon sunset. Taking a glance around at any time I bet I could see 50 to 75 people, positioning themselves for a photographic opportunity.

The voices of those people could be heard, until the sun started to set, and the light began to paint another masterpiece  on the Canyon walls. As it became more spectacular by the minute, the decibel of the voices lowered. By the time the sun had set, even though I was surrounded by all these people, it was as if I was in a church. The few people that spoke, were whispering. That's the affect this place has on people. To say it is a religious experience is not a stretch. It is a place words can not describe. Until you see it, you won't understand it. If at all possible, a visit to the Grand Canyon should be on everyones bucket list.

 My daughter Keely, with the best view in the house. This awesome experience was doused a bit because my family wasn't there as a whole. My middle daughter Bryn was missed and mentioned among us every day. Some day Bryn will join us on a return trip. It's a must.
Do your self a favor if you haven't already. Visit this spectacular place.


laura Madalene said...

Thanks for sharing wonderful information, it is really nice information.

beth said...

i'll put in on "the list"….but first, portland oregon. oh, and italy…yep, italy…or tuscany. i'm unfocused like that :(

Susie said...

Mark, That is a breath taking view . I love that your daughter chose to get a real special view. This is a great memory for all of you. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Ya know, I suggested that the family visit the GC for our family vacation this year, but I was shot down for yet another trip to the beach.

I gotta put my foot down!

Karen Ann said...

STUNNING photos.. wow!.. and I think the light was perfect for the shot. I have seen canyon photos before, but this one is more dramatic.. the layers, the light layers.. gorgeous.

Joey said...

Just wrote it on the B list!

dcpeg said...

Your pictures are truly awe-inspiring! Gonna have to get there at some point.

Marilyn said...

This is definitely on my bucket list and has been for a long time. We headed there once and got caught in a snow storm. beth said, "portland, oregon" I saw that beth. Now I will be watching for you.