Saturday, October 11, 2014

Northern Ireland, quite the trip.

As my previous post demonstrates, I recently attended my daughters  wedding that took place on the west coast of Ireland, in a beautiful area called the Maharees. My wife and I decided since we were all the way over their, why not make a real trip out of it.

We spent two weeks there, the first week we concentrated on Ireland, from Dublin, to Tipperary to Waterford to Newmarket to Dingle then to the Maharees, specifically Fahamore where the wedding took place.

After the wedding when my 3 girls and significant others went their separate ways, my wife and I decided to tour Northern Ireland for a week. It was a trip for the ages I'll tell you that. 

Below are some photos I took and i just wanted to share some of the beauty of this troubled area of the world.

The first 3 photos were taken on the east side of Northern Ireland from a very picturesque road that runs along the coast.

This castle, old by United States standards but a new build by Ireland standards was where we stayed on our drive to Northern Ireland, just outside the town of Sligo. It was about 200 years old.

Just wanted to share a bit of our trip. You'll probably hear more about this adventure in the coming days and weeks because heck, I took about 1500 photos. I have to put them some where.


Susie said...

Hi Mark, I looked through your previous posts. Love the wedding. Your family is a nice looking bunch . I know you saw some awesome sights in Ireland. Glad you and your wife made it a vacation trip also. I have two grandkid weddings done this year...and I am wore out. The airlines lack so much in comfort..and I have very little patience any more. Hope your trip to and from was nice. I will be looking for more pictures. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats to your daughter! What an amazing place to get married. I love Ireland only been there once hope to visit again....I look forward to seeing more of your amazing pictures!

Marilyn said...

Stunning photographs! Can't wait to see them all. Sounds like an amazing trip and puts me in the mood to travel.