Monday, March 30, 2015

Good and Bad

So, I guess that clears THAT up!


I saw 2 things on CNN today.

One made me smile

One almost made me sick.

President Obama spoke today
at the dedication for the Edward M Kennedy Institute
in chilly Boston.

So did many of the old timers
who fought with and against the senior Senator.
The mood was light, with guests
speaking about some of the great accomplishments
of Senator Kennedy.

No matter what side of the isle you reside on,
today there was a truce.
It made me smile.


CNN was covering the disaster
that took place recently
when the co-pilot of that German Airlines plane
murdered all on board
by aiming the nose of the plane into a mountainside
at over 400 miles an hour.

I can't imagine the terror those passengers felt.

But believe me, CNN tried it's level best 
to put me right there in row 11 seat c
when it rolled out it's computer animated airplane and pilot
and walked me through the minute by minute details
of those 9 excruciatingly terror filled minutes
between the time the pilot left the cockpit
and the plane disintegrated into a mountain,
that were captured on the black box voice recorder.

I swear, if CNN could get its hands on a video tape
that actually showed
the one hundred and some passengers
screaming and yelling for 8 minutes before they died,
they would have played it all day.

Seriously, if CNN would just have said,
"The plane nose dived at 400 miles an hour for 8 minutes
before hitting the mountain...."
I actually could have imagined MYSELF
the terror inside that plane. 

CNN made me sick.

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Jerral Miles said...

Yep! Me, too... Where is the relief?