Friday, June 26, 2015

If I Were King.......


Bigotry would be non existent

Baseball games would be faster

Hockey games would be slower

Blogger would pay me...just because 

Oatmeal would taste this

I would win the lottery

I would start playing the lottery

Donald Trump wouldn't call Mexicans rapist.

Donald's 2 foot comb over would be illegal.

The Supreme Court of the United States
would rule to allow same sex marriage.....oh.......wait.

Sepp Blatter, the big cheese at FIFA would not be allowed to run for President of that dysfunctional organization. He has done enough damage.

Speaking of FIFA and the World Cup
Qatar has won the rights to the 2022 World Cup, well actually
they bought the votes. 
There is no earthly reason why this small country of 300,000 people
should hold a soccer tournament. It's a damn dust bowl and the players will
be playing in temperatures close to 120 degrees.
That's just ludicrous.

But money talks.

Qatar has no stadiums to speak of, no hotels to put up the worlds citizens
as they descend on this small country in South East Asia, no facilities for the athletes,
nothing. But that's not a problem. Since this pimple  of a country is one of the richest in the world
they'll just build what they need. Money is no object so they're just going to build whatever it is they need to host these games.

Qatarians won't be building anything, immigrant labor from the surrounding countries are spilling into Qatar and living in labor camps and being treated like animals.
8 to 10 people sleeping in one room that may have one working toilet. They have no showers. I saw video of these workers showering in the toilet by filling up 5 gal buckets of water and dumping it over their heads.

They come to make money for their families back home.
Once they sign up for the job, they are not allowed to leave, it might slow the progress down.
They are paid next to nothing by a very rich country for working in brutal conditions with temps in the 120's. The citizens of Qatar wouldn't think of working like this, so they don't.

Advertisers like COKE, MCDONALDS, BUDWISER and many others don't seem to care
that the 2022 World Cup is being built by modern day slaves.

Watching the 2022 World Cup will be very difficult to do.


Karen Ann said...

Mark F For President!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'd vote for'd make a great king. I had no idea about this Qatar/ world cup situation. NOT a happy camper reading this. Ugh...what year is it anyway???