Thursday, June 25, 2015

Let's call a Spade a Spade Huh??

I've often blamed this stagnate government we have on politicians. I stand corrected. It's the people of this nation of ours who are responsible for the fighting and gridlock that permeates Washington DC.

The representatives who sit in those big offices in the Capitol building are just that, representatives, representing their people.

President Obama, who has miraculously won two elections has had a historically difficult time trying to get the things accomplished that he set out to do about 7 years ago. There is only one reason for it.
He's a black man. Let's quit tiptoeing around this.

You can't tell me that when some of these old time Senators are sitting around after hours scratching their crotches, sipping on Johnny Walker Red, neat, that the "N" word isn't being tossed around in regard to their commander in chief.

Those same representatives are representing some of the bigoted people that I have to work with on a daily basis, and believe me, the "N" word makes a daily appearance around here. With the news today about the Affordable Care Act, another barrage of hate was launched around the galley table. I can't stand it. I know this for a fact, because I have asked them, not one of these prejudiced individuals has EVER once walked into a voting booth. I've had discussions with them, I've had arguments with them, it's like they have a common sense firewall up.There is no getting through to them. I could spit confederate flags I am so pissed.

So I escape from the hate and go to the engine room where I had some issues to attend to. When I was finished I had to call my boss, who lives in Louisiana. We talked about generator engines and coolant samples, and I swear to god, 10 minutes into our conversation for no apparent reason he veers off and says, "....and that fucking Obama and his god damn fucking Obamacare.........."

I can't escape it. Some citizens of this country scare the crap out of me.

With that being said, I want to share a FB post a friend of mine wrote. He is in his early 30's. He owns a beer company, that he started from scratch a few years ago. His name is Luke, here's what he said.

".....I know a lot of business owners, myself included who have used the Affordable Care Act to obtain good health insurance for themselves and their employees. The program isn't just used by people draining assets from the system, but by people like me who's products and services you purchase daily. While nothing is perfect and the system needs improvement, hopefully now we can build upon what was created instead of working to destroy it."

There is hope for us after all.


Marilyn Miller said...

Amen! Both of my adult children are on Obamacare. Thank goodness for it.

John said...

Some of us became sick just before the ACA and had to go on Medicaid. That program insists that you can't own anything more than $2000 dollars in value to sign up. My house was paid off, had to get rid of it. My savings for my elder years, had to get rid of it. The investment that I had carefully nurtured, had to get rid of those too. Nearly everything I had earned and worked for in my adult life, institutionally forced to get rid of. Now I live in a nursing home where everyone THINKS that they know best, knows me better than I do, is in charge of my life. Then they ask if I am depressed? No. Mostly I'm pissed off at a bureaucracy that would do such things to people in order to "help" them. For the last several years I have heard several Republican politicians complain about the ACA for ideological reasons. Somehow those concerns seem awfully small to me. If they really want to complain - I have a story for them.