Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This and That.

I admit it, I am not a cook.
Never have been.
Tried following various recipes a few times.
It never works out. 

The other day while on the boat I had a hankerin for eggs.

I enjoy over easy...or over light eggs.

But I can't flip those babies without the inevitable breaking of the yoke.

So I cheated and went sunny side up.
I think my plating skills are second to none. 

I was so proud of this plate
that is so simple to most people,
I of course took a picture
( don't we all?)
and sent it to my wife ( foodie )
and my daughter ( foodie )

And then the boob jokes started.......
I don't get it.


Below is either the most unimaginative company name
or the best ever.
The jury is still out.


Right before I left home
my wife called to me,
"get your camera, get your camera."

So I did.

Happy Hump Day.


Joey said...

I always, always, ALWAYS get a thrill when I see a luna moth!!!!! I don't know what it is.

Wayne said...

I don;t see boobs, I see a mouthless face.

Marilyn Miller said...

Nice camera gettin' photo.
Oh my you have a funny family. I just thought it was a nice breakfast plate.

Karen Ann said...

Ok.. I do see the t*t shot. You asked for it.

and a Luna Moth!!.. NICE!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those are for sure boobs. I like my boobs over well.
The butterfly is amazing; I've never seen one in person like that.
Hey, sometimes your business name needs to get RIGHT to THE point. Right?

beth said...

i see boobs!!!!

and be still my heart…. a luna moth.

their life span so incredibly short…which is incredibly sad :(