Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My little piece of this planet

About 17 years ago my wife and I bought our house which was situated on a nice quiet cul-de sac. In fact, that was a huge selling point. We thought living on a street with no traffic to speak of would be an ideal place for our kids to grow up.
We were correct. It was perfect. The cul-de-sac was the meeting place for all the kids in the neighborhood. They would congregate daily and come up with all sorts of different games to play, with almost no concern about traffic. The “circle” was a kickball field, a wiffle ball field, a bike riding stadium and a place just to sit down in a circle and talk.
Times have changed and the kids don’t ride bikes anymore, now they drive cars. Some have moved away and some have gotten married. My nice little cul-de-sac isn’t even a cul-de-sac anymore. The local developer heartlessly opened up that dead end street and has big plans of his own. The vast farm land we used to hike through that butted up against our street has been replaced with earth movers and shells of what will be high end homes. My quiet street has been turned into a supply route with 18 wheeled trucks delivering supplies to the budding neighborhood.
With all this activity going on in the front of my house, I was thrilled to see this cute little guy foraging in my backyard. As my wife, my daughter and I looked out our back door the other day at 4 deer that were playing in my yard, I remembered the other reason we moved to this spot.
I’m glad the deer still come to play.


Anonymous said...

That's such a shame that a developer has destroyed that little bit of heaven. It seems that every little piece of land is being used up these days. It's so sad how this is impacting upon the natural world.

anita kaiser said...

I love the shot of the deer. We don't have them in our backyard but I do see them all over our community and I am always excited. I hope that I am instilling some of that awe and wonder in my girl who always hears mommy saying hey look there's a deer, or there's a fox or look at that hawk! Mother Nature is amazing! Cheers!