Friday, March 6, 2009

Same old same old

I'm supposed to be doing my taxes today. My wife and oldest daughter were heading out to the Mall and they invited me to go. As much as I enjoy a trip to the mall looking at woman's clothing I declined their generous offer because I had taxes to finish up.
I honestly had every intention of hitting the taxes hard but as I sat down at my desk and organized my papers, I thought it would be good for my head to get some comedy relief before taking out my W-2's, so i did what any normal liberal democrat would do and I pulled up the Fox News web page. I just love reading the comments left by readers. They crack me up.
I learned today while reading that "jackie" tried to warn us about Obama, but i wouldn't listen.
I learned "dachief" in Minnesota was heading down to the legion to toast himself for voting for McCain/Palin.
"generallee" in Georgia says "WE WON'T MAKE IT ONE MORE YEAR". Stop it general, your killing me.
"roger" in Massachusetts says there's something liberating about knowing he voted for McCain and that he misses Bush.
Stop, my sides are hurting!
"jrushovich" in Texas says Pres Obama is dismantling America.
Oh gosh, that's funny stuff, whew. I can't catch my breath!
I looked but didn't see one person who mentioned the trillions spent on the Iraq war.
Not one mention of the lies and secrecy of the last administration
Now that I have my tears of laughter under control, it's quite obvious things haven't really changed, in America. The hatred of some of these comments I read just spews out of my computer screen. After reading them I feel like I need a shower.
What really cracks me up is the angst "generallee" must feel every time he thinks of the Obama family gallivanting around his white house.
We have a long way to go.


Anonymous said...

I tend to avoid those kind of websites like the plague, they have the annoying habit of making my blood pressure rise. Your post did make me chuckle though. And you're right, memory is a funny thing huh? Amazing what so many seem to forget.

Jerral Miles said...

Your rant sounds like mine... I'll check back again... and I'll post your BLOG address... With Limbaugh and other comedians hacking away at President Obama, we must not back off from showing them be as ridiculous as they are.