Monday, March 2, 2009


It snowed here in Pennsylvania today. We got a whopping 4 inches, maybe 5 if you look in the right place. Back in the day we would call this a dusting, but because of Global Warming and the absence of any real snow storms in recent years at my house, this 4 inch storm is the lead story on every local news show.

As a kid, I loved snow. All the kids in the neighborhood would be outside playing. A few of us on one side of the street would build a snow fort facing the snow fort on the other side of the street. These were intricate snow forts, some had 2 rooms.

Hours would be spent making snowballs for the battle that was sure to come later in the day.We wouldn't go inside until our gloves were soaking wet and our hands were blue.

When we got so cold we couldn't stand it, we would go in the house, placing our wet gloves and socks by the heater, grab some dry replacements, chug down some hot chocolate mom always had on the stove and head back outside with our sleds. We would walk for 30 minutes to get to the hill that was just perfect for sledding.

As we reached our teens, the snow ball fights would be replaced by money making ventures, like snow shoveling. I would usually team up with one other guy and we would head off with our shovels, walking the neighborhood looking for work shoveling sidewalks and driveways. The experienced shoveler knew where the money was. We wouldn't waste time knocking on every door. We would head to the "old people's" houses. They didn't like to shovel any more and they had the money to shell out.

The houses on the corner of the block always brought in the most cash. More sidewalk square feet equals more dollars in our pocket.

In 1968 a corner house would bring in $20.

I wonder what the going rate is today?

I just finished shoveling my driveway. I'm not that old, yet!


Anonymous said...

Children & snow always make a great combination, although I have to admit, I never made any money from it. I'm very slow in that department *lol*

Megan said...

We haven't had a big snow here in MO yet.....We will probably get it in April! Hope you are well!