Monday, June 1, 2009

A gift from France

I have been trying to get acclamated to my new 'digs" here on my new boat, in a new area of the world, when I walked out of the engine room and spotted Lady Liberty in New York Harbor, and I thought, Ok, this is cool.
Because the dock we were heading for in Staten Island wasn't available at the moment, we were sort of treading water, killing time, very close to the Statue of Liberty, and I had plenty of time to get my camera, take a few photos and just stare.
When the United States recieved this generous gift from France back in the 1800's, and her feet were planted firmly in the harbor of the gateway to the New World, she was the tallest building in New York.
Take a look at the New York skyline now and she could easily be missed, dwarfed by the monster structures that make up Manhatten today.
I just looked at the beautiful monument and wondered what it must have been like for the millions of immigrants who journeyed those many miles many years ago, looking for a new life.
What they must have felt when they laid their eyes on this great statue for the first time.
Yeah, seeing the Statue of Liberty again, was pretty cool.

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Anonymous said...

It symbolises and represents so much... And what it represents is something to be proud of most definitely. I imagine the awe that you experienced when viewing her :-)