Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So, I was in my office today, oh, did I mention I have an office. Oh yeah, I am on tugboat with an engineers office. Believe me, this is good stuff. On my last boat, my office, my bedroom and my sink were crammed into a space that was, well, smaller than my office on this boat.
I always wanted an office.
On those smaller boats, I would wake up, pull the covers of my bed up, and proceed to throw my logbook, workbook and the myriad of forms, fuel reports and check lists that seem to be needed in this day and age to run a tugboat, onto my bed, which would double, for the day, as a counter top.
Today I woke up, flipped down the flat screen TV that is mounted just inches from my face, and watched Sports Center before I got dressed, grabbed a coffee and headed to my office.
Now when I say to a fellow crew member, come to my office, we actually go to my office, and he doesn't have to sit on my bed.
Everyone has an office. Salesman, store managers, and Walmart security guys have one. Global Network grass roots managers, the school principal, the CHRO of the USOC and the President has one. His is oval.
I could go on and on, but I need to go down to my office to finish up my log book.
Oh, the little things in life.


Anonymous said...

heh I like your OFFICE

dcpeg said...

Does this mean we have to call you "Sir"?

beth said...

how funny !
yes, the chro of the usoc does have an office and he'll be in it full time starting next week :) camera is a DSLR pentax K-10, with many lenses, and I hope to be upgrading soon to the K-20.

most everyone I know is cannon or nikon and I'm just not sure there's that much difference until you get up into the thousands of dollars price area...

plus I'd spend any extra money I had on a mac before putting it all into a camera :)