Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reality sucks

I intended to write today about some nonsensical issue, like I usually do.
But I received a phone call from my wife last night.....that I can't get out of my head.
She was heading to the local YMCA last evening, which is about a 10 minute ride from our house, to meet some clients for a personal training session. She's a trainer. That's what she does.
There is a small convenience store about 2 minutes from our house, that she passes on a daily basis.
As she passed it last night, she came across an accident, a terrible accident, that obviously had just occurred.
In the middle of the road was a body, that was covered with a sheet of some sort. All she could see was the hair, of what she assumed was a female, who had just been struck by a car, and obviously killed.
The ambulance had not yet arrived.
I pass that store many times a week.
My daughter Bryn, passes by there each day on the way to work.
All my kids pass by there on a regular basis.
As soon as Mary Ellen, my wife, passed the accident, she called me for no other reason then to tell me what she had seen.
She then told me she loved me.
I knew what she was thinking.
You really just never know what hand life will deal you.
Hug your family members today.
Maybe I'll have a nonsensical story tomorrow.
Not today.


dcpeg said...

Oh good heavens -- how dreadful! Seeing a violent scene like that does make us think about those we love and cherish. I'm sorry your wife had to witness that.

slommler said...

Something like that does tend to stop you in your tracks and make you think! "Could have been me"!! I am sorry too for the loss that a family is experiencing right now. So sad!

beth said...

my sister just had a death on her husband's side of the family...but her family, too....right ?

40 years seat belt...over corrected...lost control of the car...4 kids don't have a mother anymore...joe doesn't have a wife...

yes...hug your loved ones today...and mean it !!

Anonymous said...

I feel for her family, how tragic :-( Life is precious.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Mark, thanks for sharing your (and your wifes story). It's so true. When ever there's an accident on the news here about a specific highway (my husband takes) I'll give him a call to just to make sure he's okay. And tell him I love him and he should take the time to drive home savely. God bless your loved ones but now on these days even more so the loved ones of that lady who died. My thoughts are with them.

Marilyn said...

It makes my heart cry for this person that someone knows and loves. Indeed hug those you love.