Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cops and Robbers

When I walk into a department store, I feel like I'm being watched.

Want to know why?

Because I am.

I know someone who works in a well known department store in the position of Loss Prevention Manager.

His job, in a nutshell is to catch shoplifters, and he's quite good at it.

You might be picturing and old, overweight retiree sitting on a stool at the entrance to the store, fighting to stay awake. But this isn't your grandfathers security officer.

This is high tech, secret rooms, magic mirrors and eyes in the sky.

If you want to read some very entertaining and funny stories about a career not talked about too much, check out his blog at 2 catch a thief. It's very interesting.

I used to think nothing of picking up an item in the hardware store, opening the box and checking it out to make sure it is what I want. After reading "2 catch a thief" I picture security people poised and ready for me to stick something in my pocket, so they can pounce, call for backup and watch as I'm loaded into a paddy wagon.

After reading some of the posts, I have become paranoid when I shop. I've learned that some shoplifters work in teams.

I was recently at a popular clothing store with my wife and I was just hanging around, thinking about the upcoming football game I was going to watch, while she picked through the cloths racks. I looked guilty because I wasn't doing anything except standing there. Employees would walk by and say hi. Are they checking me out? I wondered.
Do I look like I'm going to lift one of these dresses? Is there someone in a dimly lit room staring at monitors, staring at me while I stare at my wife?

Another employee walks by. I wanted to yell, "I'm not stealing anything, back off."

Anyway, if you want something unusual, read his blog.


slommler said...

I went over and visited his blog. You were so is interesting!! Now I will be feeling guilty when I shop at the store. LOL! I have always felt a little weird shopping at a store with my large purse in tow. I am sure they are watching me. Sheesh!

Frau said...

Mark thanks for the intro to great blog...I love those kinds of stories!

clairedulalune said...

You said Paddy Wagon! You will never know how much this made me laugh, I will have to read your post all over again! I haven't heard that in years! I used say that when i was a kid in Belfast! We used to call the police "the Peelers" too, because the first polceman was called Robert (i think) Peeler! I'll be back later when i have stoped laughing!

Peterson Family said...

Wow. I read through his blog. I can't imagine people doing things! Oh. My.

I am such an honest person that it would show on my face if I ever was even attempting to do something like that.

Wow. My mother always taught us that we had to work for our belongings and how important it is to actually know that it is yours.

beth said... neighbor has the same job at jc penney and she loves it....

now I have to go and read this other blog....

The Watchman said...

Mark, thanks for the link to my Blog...wish the topic lent itself to be a bit more humorous, but it's coming around!

I really like your blog. Like mine, it's sharing an experience nobody would understand unless ya did it yourself.

Wonder if Dad realized he had writers in his family...